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Why is Having An Internship Very Important?

Want to get a dream job? Guess what, just a degree is no longer enough. To secure your place in the company of your choice, you need experience. As a result, internships have become important. In this segment, we will discuss the importance of internship for college students.

What is an internship?

An internship is an official or formal program run by various companies to provide practical experience to beginners. The prime role of an internship is to integrate classroom knowledge into its practical approach. Learning, growing, and building a career is what college is all about.

During college, internships in every field of study are significant. This is done to get a successful outcome after graduation. Classroom teaching can never give you knowledge of real workplace scenarios. To understand this, you need to work professionally and apply your classroom knowledge.

The concept of internship:

You need the experience to get proactive knowledge in your selected field. In today’s world, recruiters anticipate majorly on resumes that showcase pertinent work history. It can be either from real job experience, contract work, or interning at a company.

The concept of internships is to train beginners to work in an organization. Thus, the importance of internship for college students becomes more applicable. The postulation of working as an intern started a long time ago. But it has radically evolved over the years.

Previously, internships started as a drudge that used to take on young individuals. They used to teach them their art or trade. After learning a skill, the trainee further agrees to work for a specific time. It was just a source to gain new skills.

In today’s world, the importance of internships for college students has grown to another level. It is very much popular amongst graduate and undergraduate students. So that they can gain work experience and attain new skills.

Importance of Internship for College Students:

Those who do not want to hamper their studies can opt for summer internships. The importance of summer internships will also be discussed below:

1. Career development:

The internship is a task-based exchange of services between students and organizations. This is done to gain experience. Here, your classroom teaching works as a real tool of the trade. It helps in making better interaction and gaining a professional setting. Internships can be in a form of formal, foundational, and formative to your career.

It helps to develop expertise in workplace scenarios. You can also gain business conformity and effective communication strategies. In this way, internships are important for your career development.

2. Character Growth:

Not just professionally, internships also help to build your character. Various recruiters also value personal attributes over professional skills. When it is a matter of employment, your character matters the most.

Every company wants to see integrity, courtesy, confidence, and several traits in their employees. You can gain all of this through an internship. While working, you can meet a mentor who can help you professionally.

Enhancing one’s competencies is one of the major goals of an internship. But in between this if you get a chance to grow your character. Nothing can be better than that. It is a perfect place to scrutinize your skills.

3. Opportunity door:

The internship itself is a great opportunity to learn. But it comes with a lot of other opportunities. Talking about a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

It says that the starting salary of college graduates who have done internships is $53,521. While those who did not perform an internship started with an average of $38,572.

This survey also states that 72.2% of college students with internship experience receive more job offers. Incongruity to only 36.5% of students who did not complete an internship.

4. Experience:

In today’s job market, it’s tough to get a dream job by passing exams with high scores. Else, getting a degree with no work experience is not enough. By entering an internship, you can gain exposure, nurture your knowledge, and identify your career field.

It is not just to provide you first-hand experience in the workplace. But, also empower your understanding of the desired work. You get knowledge by studying in the classroom. And, in an internship, you get to apply that knowledge. Hence, it makes your understanding more proficient.

Internships for students are a supreme learning hub for you. You meet new people and make contacts in the professional world.

5. Professionalism:

Other than work experience, Internships provide you soft skills needed in an organization. It also helps in enhancing your leadership qualities. According to LinkedIn Skills Report 2018, 57% of users are rated soft skills to be more important than technical skills.

These soft skills make you a professional employee. Various other skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork can be learned here. These skills are utilized everywhere.

6. Resume development:

Even at an entry-level job, various organizations look for people with professional experience. For example, in an interview, you are a finalist for a job. But you haven’t done any internship and others have. They have a better chance to get selected for that job profile than you.

Make sure you do at least one internship that is mentioned in your resume. It has a better approach for employers. And, hence you enter the competitive world.

7. Professional Feedback:

People tend to learn more if they have someone to guide and give feedback. While performing an internship, you will have seniors get proper feedback. Hence, you will learn more through feedback.

8. Learn from others:

Observation is the path to better learning. While interning to learn skills, you must observe others’ works. You should observe other’s good and bad. Behave like a mop and soak all the information from others. It might benefit you in your professional life.

9. Better decision-making:

By working as an intern, you can know different things about yourself. It can help you in making better professional decisions ahead. Every company or organization has its merit and demerits.

Working in a real place can help you understand more about the job profile. Internships test your capabilities and encourage a better decision-making quality in you. It can be a challenging task many times. But it is for your benefit.

An internship gives shape to your career. Students wishing to start their careers should always plan for an internship while studying. Gaining real-life exposure to work will always keep you ahead of your competitors. You must develop some skills to be on top.

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