Why Internships are Important with Studies?
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Why Internships are Important with Studies?

Do you want to get your dream job just after graduation? But companies ask for experience. And, how will you get that? The answer is simple: “Internships”. Because you will require experience to gain experience. In this segment, you learn why internships are important with studies?

What is an internship?

An internship is a short-term workplace experience offered by an organization generally for students. It is not mandatory for students only; it can be performed by anyone to get entry-level exposure to the industry. Although, interns are offered work on projects, learning about the field, making professional connections, and developing hard and soft skills.

Why Internships are Important with Studies?

Classroom teaching can help you with theoretical knowledge. But a workplace background carries major significance when you opt for a full-time job. To ace at the workplace after completion of your studies will require experience. Let’s understand why internships are important with studies?

1. Get to Know Yourself:

To ace at any job, you must be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It is rightly said by Aristotle, “Knowing Yourself is the Starting of all Wisdom”. And, an internship is a great opportunity to know that. The internship will not just upgrade your professional behavior. But it also gives you a better understanding of self.

Self-introspection is one of the greatest achievements a person can get. The best way to get this is to come out of your comfort zone. For example, a student who aspires to be a video editor. He must learn to work under pressure to give the outcome within the deadline. And, he should go for internships to learn this art.

2. Build Your Network:

Now, let’s understand why it is important to build your network. Networking is a trade of information between people. It moves forward with the ultimate aim of maintaining acquaintances. However, this is done to advance one’s professional career.

Furthermore, internships are the best way to gain that. Getting involved in an internship allows one to maintain relationships with people in the industry. If you work as an intern with them. They can see your work and potential.

Afterward, they can refer your name further for any job profile. According to a professor at Harvard Business School, Timothy Butler, “The biggest mistake that people make in networking is that people don’t do it”. Each person you connect with doesn’t need to work for you. But, don’t leave any opportunity to impress people at work.

3. Real-Life Experience and Professional Exposure:

The first point because internships are important with studies is to get a practical approach to classroom teaching. If you can catch a lucrative internship. It can prove to be extremely beneficial for you.

However, internships allow students to gear the knowledge, skills, and practical approach they learned in college. Undoubtedly, you can gain ample knowledge and theoretical practice from classroom education.

But what the real workplace demands are the experience. The only way to get this while studying is through an internship. Another reason why internships are important with studies is that it teaches a professional working style. You get to learn a lot each day by working with professionals.

4. Transform Internship into a Full-Time Job:

This is yet another benefit of why internships are important with studies? If you are lucky then your organization can offer you a full-time job. And, that too during your internship period only.

The moment you work as an extraordinary person and achieve your goals. The company might choose you as a full-time employee. Furthermore, you have to be very careful with each move you make. Nevertheless, every boss is not tolerant of mistakes.

Whereas, you will need to adapt to the working environment quickly. Internships offer scope to transform into full-time positions. However, it is not guaranteed. It depends on your work and the available position in the office.

5. Save Your Resume from Going into Trash:

You might get another chance to talk to someone. But your resume won’t get that. Your resume will be your image in front of recruiters. Give a thought on how a hiring manager perceives your resume.

When he will have another resume in front of them containing work experience. And, yours will just contain a few college projects. Nonetheless, there is a probability that your resume might go in the trash. Because the hiring manager won’t be able to figure out what you will contribute to the company.

However, if you have done a few internships. The hiring manager will take a moment to read your work and achievement. This will portray your image as a workaholic person in front of them.

All the above-mentioned points are enough to state why internships are important with studies? It will make you a professionally literate person in a short time. If you are ready to do an internship, start hunting for the best organization according to your preference.

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