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Top 10 Gaming College You Must Know About

Games and animation might have fascinated you all. But are you interested in creating a video game? The gaming industry sounds exotic but it’s quite lucrative. Although, it has been in high demand for a few years. So, to help you guys get a world-class education, I have come up with a list of 10 gaming college.

Gaming college is high in demand because around 2.2 billion people access video games across the world. The rising demand in the industry required skilled employees. Therefore, gaming college comes into play. Countries like the US, UK, and Canada have the best gaming college. It gives world-class facilities for game design, environment, and various people find it a perfect place to study.

List of 10 Best Gaming College:

1. Staffordshire University:

It is a public university located in the heart of England. Staffordshire University has an impeccable teaching faculty internationally. Conversely, It has a tough selection process to get a diverse student cohort. You can choose this college for various reasons like top professors, TEF Gold education, and good placement.

Moreover, the game design course of Staffordshire University is accredited by TIGA. It is one of the best UK-based gaming authorities. Additionally, the company focuses on both programming and development modules. It offers a BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Design.

2. De Montfort University:

This university is best known for its excellent teaching, upgraded courses, and placement opportunities. Also, De Montfort University is preferred by students because of its traditional campus equipped with modern technologies. Above all, the key Goals of this university are to focus on visual design, critical game studies, and game production.

It has an industry-led expertise body for screen-based top industries in the UK. Especially, De Montfort University offers placement in Codemasters, Crytek, the BBC, and Ubisoft. These are the top gaming companies in the UK. Additionally, it offers BA(Hons) Game Art for 3 years. The required IELTS points are 6.

3. Manchester Metropolitan University:

It is Manchester’s top university with alumni of more than 300,000. This is the best university for game design in Manchester. Indeed, this gaming college ranks second in the world. It is the hub of creative faculties and a cheerful environment.

Games Design course at MMU is for 4 years. Also, it offers various other facilities like Gym, Accommodation, Research, Library, and IT infrastructure. Also, faculties focus on mobile games along with ancient game design.

4. University of Southern California:

This university is situated in Los Angeles, California. Nonetheless, the university offers 4 video gaming degree programs. Out of these four, two are at the undergraduate level. And, the other two are at the graduate level.

The respective courses are Bachelor of Arts and Science. Subsequently, Master in Fine Arts and Science. USC has bagged the first rank in terms of game development schools. Students get an experience to learn from professional working personalities. It offers world-class education with a fully-equipped campus.

5. University of UTAH:

This university offers a video game development program with top-selected students. The student needs to be highly passionate to come up with a good outcome. Whereas, the university offers two bachelor’s and one master-degree course.

Additionally, the students get internships in EA sports to get the best working experience. The alumni of the UTAH university get wide opportunities in game design. The starting salary of undergraduates is $67,045. Subsequently, the graduate program is $87,332.

6. DigiPen Institute of Technology:

The DigiPen Institute of Technology is in Redmond, Washington. It offers three bachelor’s and two master-degree courses. The university is accredited by Nintendo. Undoubtedly, Nintendo is the world’s top game developer company.

This is the best gaming college to learn game development in the US. You get a variety of genres to select from. Furthermore, you can make video games as a designer, software developer, artist, or programmer. The offered degrees give you the tools needed to enter the gaming industry.

7. Drexel University:

The university aces the records when it comes to teaching the students the latest technologies. It is one of the premier gaming college situated in Philadelphia, PA. You can register yourself for game development programs.

Moreover, students achieve several awards like Adobe Achievement Awards and Microsoft Imagine Cup, etc. Also, Students achieve excellence in computer science and digital media departments.

8. Sheridan College:

Sheridan College is also called the Harvard of Animation College. It is an advanced 4-year program. Various award-winning graduates have passed from this university. Whereas, some of those are in Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Cookie Jar, etc.

Furthermore, the university also offers a 1-year certificate computer animation course. You will get an opportunity to create your best portfolio for a great career in the gaming industry.

9. Visual College of Art and Design, Vancouver:

This university has produced the world’s top-class graphic, interior design, and animation employees. The university has good connections with top gaming companies to provide students with top-quality work experience. By the end of the course, students get excellence in game development.

10. Seneca College:

It is the best place to study for aspiring video game developers and animators. This course offers excellence in Digital Animation, Game Design, Visual Art, Animation Art, etc. It produces industry-ready graduates. Subsequently, after the three-year course students are fully skilled to ace the industry.

Above mentioned gaming colleges are top-picked colleges from the US, UK, and Canada. Each university has achieved a different milestone to produce the best graduates.

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