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With Examples: How To Cite Sources in MLA In Text Citation?

MLA In Text citation is used to establish standards for written communication. You might be wondering how to learn this for your essays. Don’t worry I have come up with everything you need to know about MLA in-text citation style.

In this segment, you will know all about MLA In Text Citation.

You will Learn:

  • What is MLA In Text Citation?
  • General Guidelines
  • Nine Core Elements of MLA in text citation
  • How To Cite Different Sources Through MLA In Text Citation?

1. What is MLA In Text Citation?

It contains in-text citations when you broach to, summarize, paraphrase, or quote from different sources. Mla’s in-text citation style applies the author’s last name. Along with the page number from which the quotations and phrases are taken.

For example: (Michael 143). Here, if the author does not use page number. Then, don’t comprise a number in the parenthetical citation: (Michael).

In MLA style, parenthetical citations are entered in the text to guide the reader to your sources. If the source contains two authors, name both. But, if the source contains more than two authors, name only the first author.

After that, the citation will be followed by “et al”. Whereas, if the text or data you are citing crosses multiple pages. Then, add the full-page range.

2. General Guidelines:

  • The author information needed in a parenthetical citation depends upon:

1.   Source medium. Example: Web, DVD, Print, etc.

2.   The source’s ingress on the works cited page.

  • Any author information that you enter in-text should correlate to the source information. Moreover, whatever phrase you provide to your readers in the text should be the initial thing. It should appear on the left-hand margin of the parallel entry on the Works cited page.

3. Nine Core Elements of MLA in text citation:

When you create citations from MLA in-text format. You must include the following nine elements. It should be entered in the same order as mentioned.

In case you don’t have each element, skip it. Apply the punctuation as shown:

  • Author.
  • Title of source.
  • Title of container,
  • Other contributors,
  • Version,
  • Number,
  • Publisher,
  • Publication date,
  • Location.

4. How to Cite Different Sources Through MLA In Text Citation?

Author-page style citations:

When MLA formats escort the author-page method of in text citation. It states that the author’s last name and the page number(s) must appear in the text. Whether it is taken from quotation or paraphrase.

The absolute reference should appear on your Works Cited page. The source’s name might appear either in the sentence or parentheses. It should be followed by the quotation or paraphrase.

Example: Michael stated that comedy poetry was noted by a “Good deed of all time” (143).

Comedy poetry was characterized by the “Good deed of all time” (Michael 143).

Michael substantially explored the role of laughter in an effective way 143).

Multiple Citations:

To cite different sources in the same parenthetical reference, separate the citations by a semi-colon.

Example: (Michael 143; Roice 11).

Time-based media sources:

When entering in-text citations for media that has a compile-time. Like a movie or podcast, comprise the range of hours, minutes, and seconds you plan to cite.

Example: (00:11:15-00:03:15).

In-Text citations for print sources with the known author:

When you are citing a source for print sources like magazines, books, journal articles, and newspapers. You should provide a single word or phrase (normally the author’s last name). Along with the page number.

You will not need to include the parenthetical citation if you provide a single word/phrase. Along with the page number.

Example: Worth of laughter has been narrated by Michael Mos as “Good deeds of all time” (143).

The worth of laughter has been shown as “Good deeds of all time” (Mos 143).

Electronic Sources:

It may include web pages and news or magazine articles available online:

Example: One online film critic stated that Worth of laughter “Good deeds of all time” (Michael, “Worth of laughter”).

Michael, New York. “Worth of laughter”. Slant, 14 May, 2005/, . Accessed 15 October 2010.

In-Text citations for print sources by a corporate author:

When a source has a corporate author, it is allowable to use the name of the corporation. After this page number for the citation. You must use abbreviations.

Example: nat’l for national.

Tip: Avoid interrupting the flow of reading with wide long parenthetical citations.

Miscellaneous non-print sources:

There are two types of non-print sources you may witness are lectures and films.

Example: Michael Mos’s Worth of laughter stars Mos’s long-time film partner, Rihanna. In between shooting worth of laughter, Mos and Rihanna were comfortable. The friendship became stronger later. And the film came out to be a blockbuster.

The above story can be cited as:

Rihanna, dir. Worth of Laughter. Perf. Michael Mos, Good deeds of all time, 1999.

Many times, students face accusations of plagiarism because they could not cite the source. Else, didn’t know where a paraphrase has begun. MLA In Text citation style helps to give credit to authors while paraphrasing or quoting ideas. The whole explanation can prove to be a great help for students.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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