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Researched Tips: 5 Best US College For MBA

Want to pursue an MBA in the US? But confused on which college to choose? Well, this article is just for you. In this segment, we will introduce you to a list of the best US college for MBA.

Table of Content:

  • Overall Expectations From The Course.
  • Why MBA in The US?
  • Best US College For MBA.

1. Overall Expectation From The Course:

Before knowing about the list of best US college for MBA, let’s have a look at what you can expect from the course.

  • Duration: 1-2 Years
  • GMAT Score: 700+
  • Tuition Fees: $60,000-$90,000
  • Average salary after MBA in the US: $100,000+
  • Competitive Exams: GMAT or GRE.

2. Why MBA in The US?

If you are choosing to pursue an MBA in the US, it can prove to be one of the best decisions of your life. Moreover, MBA programs in the US can be beneficial in terms of learning environment, post-MBA careers, and professional experience.

In recent times, the STEM-certified Programs are seen to be more opted by students across the globe. According to GMAC Trends Survey 2019, above 50% of students apply to the United States because they get good placement here.

3. Best US College For MBA:

Here comes the list of best US college For MBA:

1. Harvard University:

Harvard University was established in 1636 is the most famous institution in the US. Indeed, This Ivy League University has a history of 375 years on a global level.

Harvard currently offers 12 degree-granting schools in collaboration with Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. Having a campus of 5457 acres, Harvard is based in Massachusetts, Cambridge.

Harvard has about 2,400 world-class faculty members. It offers two types of degrees for an MBA. Especially, the basic MBA degree and Second of MBA in entrepreneurial management. One-year tuition fees at Harvard University are around INR 53.8 Lakh. With student selection from GMAT and GREs.

2. Stanford GSB:

This university is one of the most selective business colleges in the world. Stanford GSB hardly selects 400 students for a particular MBA program. Absolutely, it is a very tough process.

The average GMAT and GPA points for selection are 733 and 3.8 respectively. The tuition fee per year is $74,706. The students who graduated from this university get a median base salary of $150,000. Conversely, All the extra information about the university is available on their website.

3. University of Chicago:

The University of Chicago was founded in the year 1890. It is a private research university in Chicago. Furthermore, it has made a remarkable impact on the world by producing 92 Nobel Laureates. By far it is the highest position by any American University.

Apart from MBA Chicago University has been growing in the department of economics, law, literary criticism, and sociology. Also, It has a total strength of 16,959 students. Apart from 29 Nobel Laureates, former US president Barack Obama is counted among the best faculty members of the university.

Chicago University offers a full-time MBA course of 21 months. First-year tuition fees are INR 53.8 Lakh. Subsequently, the students are selected based on their performance in GMAT and GRE.

4. Wharton School of Business:

Wharton School of Business under the University of Pennsylvania was founded by Joseph Wharton in 1881. It has consistently ranked amongst the top 3 business schools in the world. In Forbes ranking, Wharton School has been consistently ranked number 1.

The students are selected based on GMAT and GPA. The average GMAT and GPA points are 732 and 3.6 respectively. University has an average class size is 856. The average tuition fee is $81,378. Also, the average employment rate after graduation is 98.5%.

The duration of the MBA course is 20 months. The other courses offered by Wharton School are MBA in Finance and MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

MIT is a private research institute located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Moreover, It has more than 1,067 Faculty members. The institute plays a vital role in creating the future of MBA aspirants.

Many MIT faculty are international scholars from various parts of the world. MIT offers 2 years full-time MBA program with a high-class education. The tuition fees of the first year are 56.5 Lakh with exam acceptance of GMAT and GRE.

Apart from full-time MBA courses, MIT also offers a 20 months Executive MBA course. It has a tuition fee of 75.9 Lakh per year. The selection procedure is through the TOEFL exam. Also, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation course is offered by MIT.

All the above-mentioned universities are top-picked and ranked by various organizations. In the US you get a top-quality education and world-class facilities. Additionally, To help economically backward students, various universities also offer scholarship programs. This can reduce your tuition fee up to 40-50%.

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