Master Writing GRE Essays with These Amazing Tips
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Master Writing GRE Essays with These Amazing Tips

Do you want to take admission to your dream graduate college? Guess what, GRE writing can boost your chances to get selected. You must be wondering how to master this GRE writing skill. In this segment, you will learn to master writing GRE essays with these amazing tips.

What is GRE Writing?

The term GRE stands for “Graduation Record Examination”. It is a type of analytical writing measure that probes your critical thinking and analytical writing skills. It appraises your ability to persuade and support complex ideas. Also, develop and evaluate arguments, to carry a focused and coherent discussion.

Master Writing GRE Essays with These Amazing Tips:

When you become a master in GRE’s Issue essay. Therefore, it can increase your chances to get admission to graduate school. The best graduate schools look for people with good verbal and quantitative scores.

However, they also look for the coed who is clear, and competent writers. Several students have excellent transcripts. Also, they are good at taking tests. Nevertheless, not everyone can exemplify impressive writing skills. When students sit down to take the exam, they often feel restless before writing 2 essays in an hour.

Read the following to master writing GRE essays with these amazing tips:

1. Don’t Blather:

When you are writing a GRE essay, you don’t have enough time to argue on both sides. However, you will have time to discuss only one side effect. Even if you don’t want to choose any sides. If you choose to take a neutral approach, your examiner might think you are not confident or clear.

According to ETS guidelines, the reader will mark you on the skill with which you script, frame, and develop an argument. Whereas, the argument could be valid enough to support your subject or issue. However, the side you choose is less important than how you defend it.

2. Triple Essay Writing Practice:

Just as practice makes a man perfect, writing will make you perfect. And, all you have to do is study GRE online and practice writing through the AWA style. There is a particular time limit of 30- minutes in those guidelines. Try to finish it before that.

During examinations, you will have a specific time limit, so practice best quality writing in less time. Furthermore, issue essay writing is slightly different from those school essays. It doesn’t mean that you have to write literary criticism. Conversely, it should be something more akin.

3. Use Power prep Tool:

If you choose to take the computer-based GRE. And, you have to practice using Power prep Online. Test 1 and 2 of these tools guides you with built-in essay answering capabilities. Use the preview tool after you write the essay.

However, if for any reason you can’t use Power Prep to work. It is okay to practice writing with another word processor. Be it Word, OpenOffice, or Google Docs. Nonetheless, to make your learning more realistic, please be sure to avoid any of these keys: shortcuts (cut, paste, copy, etc.), spellcheck and grammar check, etc.

4. Rank Your Essays with the Official Rubrics:

Be ruthless while editing your essays. Keenly find out weaknesses by comparing your essays to official rubrics. It is for the issues and arguments essays. Also, to grade your practice writing respectively. Do not feel pity for yourself, because your examiner will be way more ruthless than this.

You can also use sample GRE essays at each level of practice. It will help give concrete examples of the points from rubrics. If it still doesn’t work for you, try a GRE essay buddy to help you in grading your essays.

5. Write Specific Practical Examples:

Now, be very careful while you put examples in your essays. Do not put any hypothetical arguments. It can be easily refuted. Because that hypothetical example can be countered by a simple phrase “what-if”. So, use only realistic examples.

However, the easy step to achieve this is to study journals and books to know the dateline of each incident. If you have a story that includes the dateline, then it will be more authentic.

6. Include a Thesis Statement:

To master writing GRE essays with these amazing tips. Always include a thesis statement in your essay. Furthermore, it will precisely articulate your stand for the issue. Whether you agree or disagree with the situation presented. Your essay can look unclear, and doubtful if you do not choose to stand for a cause.

However, do not be neutral at this time. If you do this, you tend to neglect a fundamental aspect of the GRE essay task. Although, there are 6 different variations on the issue task phrasing. Whereas, each one of them requires you to explicitly discuss your views or take them aside.

GRE essay writing can be very hectic sometimes. But it will be easy if you go through each of the above-mentioned tips. You can master writing GRE essays with these amazing tips. The essay which includes all of these tips is highly readable by examiners.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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