Look Your Best in Web Conferences With These 5 Tips
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Look Your Best in Web Conferences With These 5 Tips

Did your company also shift to an online platform, in the pandemic? Are you also told to organize web meetings or conferences regularly? Now, here is the problem. In offline meetings, you are all prepared to impress people. But, how will you do the same in web conferences? In this segment, you learn to look your best in web conferences with these 5 tips.

The global pandemic has soiled much of the world to a staunch. Globally, millions of people are working from home. Now their means of communication is only web conferences. Here, employees have to look their best to impress their colleagues. So now people need to learn the importance of laptop screens and the background of their room. So, here is to look your best in web conferences with these 5 tips. You learn about each of them in detail below.

Look your best in web conferences with these 5 tips:

1. Use Fill Light for Your Face:

The best way to look your best in web conferences is good lighting. Particularly, there is no more important semblance to look good on camera. Also, one of the most common mistakes people make is to sit in front of a bright window. And, it underexposes your face and creates a dark silhouette effect in the background.

However, you can take help to correct your lighting. There are several tools designed just for web conferencing. For example, Lube Cube Air Vc Lighting Kit. All it does is get attached to your display or laptop and give an ample amount of light. Thus, it makes your front face look amazing.

2. Camera Angle:

It is the second tip to look your best in web conferences with these 5 tips. Whereas, choosing the right camera angle will save a lot of your time. There are some cardinal rules in camerawork that are to keep the camera at eye-level or higher. Nonetheless, to do this you can use some bunch of balanced stuff to lift the laptop.

Also, place the camera on the right side of your hairline. And, point it downwards at your eyes. Do not go too close, give some headspace to get a better frame. Thus, place your camera in a way that shows you in a wide-angle form. Also, this will make you look in proportion.

3. Focus on Your Skin:

Now comes one of the most crucial steps. This is to watch your skin’s condition. In web conferences when you are exposed to webcams. It is very important to practice a good skincare routine. The camera tends to show bad habits that look ten times worse. However, the Laptop screen highlights extra oil and blackheads on your face.

Therefore, it is recommended to cleanse and scrub your face before you join a web conference. Always check the uneven skin tone or flaky lips, too. Also, zoom has a filter that even your skin tone. But it is not very reliable. The best thing to achieve is to apply mild makeup and lipstick on your face. Do not apply cakey makeup. It might look weird.

4. Prepare for the Meeting:

Groundwork is very important. You can’t join a web conference as a mirror and do final touch-ups on screen. The finishing touch-ups like hair, face, or lighting should be fixed earlier. Experts say the common mistake people do is to forget that they are on camera.

Now, practice your behavior on camera. Do a phone call using a webcam to prepare yourself. Make sure you note down your merits and demerits while assessing yourself. Therefore, you won’t feel weird when you join a real web conference. Note that whatever you do on screen is visible to people. So, for each movement you make you need to be very careful.

5. Background:

Choosing the right background is as important as your content preparation for the meeting. When you talk about video conferencing, the background plays a vital role. Your background should not contain any disturbing elements.

It should be very simple yet elegant. You can use simple paintings or flower vases in the background. Otherwise, choose a plane wall for video conferencing. If you have a solid color in your background wall. Avoid wearing sleeveless tops. It can portray you as if you are at a party.

But if you can’t do that use virtual background available on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Here, you can create a custom background. Do not put any disturbing elements in the background. And, dress according to your background. It is yet another important tip.

All the above-mentioned tips can be easily done by you. And, making these small changes can create a whole new difference in your web conferences. If you follow these tips, your boss, clients, and colleagues will be impressed.

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