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Job Data Entry: 10 Best Online Website For Data Entry

Do you want to earn money while being a student? And a job that has a flexible schedule, pay per entry, low stress, zero investment, etc. Sounds like a jackpot, right? Yes, I am talking about a data entry job. It is for all those students who want to earn money without disturbing their studies.

What is data entry?

It is a type of clerical work that company’s hire to add, verify and edit electronic data. It typically requires work of typing and voice recording for entering data into computers. These clerks work in a variety of companies, like finance, healthcare, transportation, and retail.

In this segment, you will know:

1.   Eligibility

2.   Responsibilities of data entry job

3.   Required Skill Set

4.   10 best companies offering data entry job

1. Eligibility:

Normally, most companies do not require any formal education or particular certification for data entry roles. It mainly requires skills to perform this role, and these competencies can get you a data entry job.

  • Basic computer knowledge. And the ability to work on different types of computers.
  • Working procedure of MS office.
  • Keen eye on details.
  • Can work to time constraints

2. Responsibilities of data entry job:

A classic data entry job usually includes the following duties/responsibility:

  • Enter data into a database software.
  • Regular checking to ensure the precision of the data that has been entered.
  • Preparing and sorting documents.
  • Must create backups as a part of the backup plan.
  • Solve dissimilarity in data and obtain additional data for incomplete documents.
  • Test new database systems and updates.

3. Required skillset:

You need a few skills to be an effective data entry clerk. Remember, that you will require some consciousness while learning these skills. Once you get a good command of it, you can ace in data entry.

  • Upgrade your language skills:

Generally, foreign companies hire a person who has a good mastery of the English language. To ace, this, prepare, learn to read, write and cross-check your work at a high level.

  • Command over typing skills:

To learn this skill, simply practice by typing anything into a notepad or ms word. First, start by typing 500 words a day and calculate how much time you took. By continuous practice, you will master these skills.

You can also practice by using a free online test to analyze your typing speed. Else, find free online games that can improve typing speed.

  • Gain computer knowledge:

To secure your place as a data entry clerk, you will need to know how to use a computer. You should be aware of input electronic data working. Master two software ms word and ms excel. These two are mostly used in data entry companies.

Search for some free online tutorials to learn about the software. After practicing for 15 days or a month you can gain the required skill set.

  • Boost your interpersonal skills:

As a clerk in the data entry organization, you must know how to communicate with colleagues during your work. For this, you must know about customer service skills. You can use free resources available online to learn this.

4. 10 best companies offering data entry jobs:

1. RetailData:

It is a business services company that delivers information to customers through retail-price shops. As an employer, they offer flexible jobs for freelancers, remote jobs, and work from home as well.

2. Kelly:

Founded in 1946, this company has evolved workforce solutions in the staffing industry. They connect skilled clerks with top entrepreneurs and fortune 100 companies in a wide range of industries. They place work in a variety of industries like accounting, administrative, IT, etc.

3. Randstad:

It is a global customer service agency with headquarters in Diemen, North-Holland, and the US. It has over 4,700 global branches, including 1000 branches and customer-dedicated areas within the USA.

4. Adecco:

It’s an international leader in student placement services. It was founded in 1996 and continues to expand through global and strategic investment. It employs 700,000 people worldwide with an acceptable salary.

5. Robert Half International:

Founded in 1948, it is the leading global professional staffing and advisory firm. As a recruiter, It has been differentiated by the HR campaign as the best place to work. It provides various benefit packages to its employees.

6. Aerotek:

Being a member of Allegis Group, it is one of the world’s largest, privately-owned staffing companies. It gives job data entry to over 100,000 people. There are over 200 offices of Aerotek in Europe and North America.

7. Ajilon:

It is managed by TRAK company and is a leading, full-time and part-time hiring firm. It provides a flexible workplace for job profiles like HR and recruiting, project management, and administrative fields.

8. UnitedHealth Group:

It is a widely spread healthcare organization providing jobs to eligible candidates both remotely and works from home. It has a team of more than 240,000 professionals which contains 18,000 nurses and physicians.

9. Rose International:

It is a minority- a women-owned business that has served more than 130 clients from a variety of industries. Nowadays, it has a specialized workforce and IT solutions. It collaborates for the longer term by proposing challenging assignments, promotion, and success of employees.

10. Beacon Hill Staffing Group:

It is a staffing group, headquarters in Massachusetts and Boston. It has 10 special divisions on which employees can apply. Like Beacon hill associates, finance, digital and creative, life science, etc.

Data entry job is a profession that has gained more employees among students in a decade. Because it is easy to do and no extra skill set is required for this job. Students all over the world can easily get this job.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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