How to Write Title for Essay
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How to Write Title for Essay?

Do you also avoid reading an essay if the title is not catchy? Well, majorly people will not forward with your essay if its title is not up to the mark. So, we tried to make your essay a bit more readable. In this segment, you learn about how to write title for essay.

Points to learn:

  • Features of a Good Essay Title.
  • How to Write Title for Essay?
  • Examples of Titles for an Essay.
  • Mistakes to Avoid.

1. Features of a Good Essay Title:

  • Easy to Read:

Well, nobody likes to read complicated and heavy titles. And, no matter how strong your vocabulary list is, always make your essay’s title simple and elegant. Avoid jargon and unknown or uncommon words.

  • Active Voice:

You must use an active form of voice if the title consists of verbs. For example, instead of “Is violence caused by caste discrimination”, you should write “How does caste discrimination lead to violence?”.

  • Attractive:

Do not make it so simple that it becomes boring. Keep it interesting.

  • Accurate:

Do not divert from your topic or subject. However, an essay title should be in a way that the reader gets an idea of what is going to be discussed in the essay. Also, do not mislead the reader or your professor.

  • Eye-Catching:

How do you get the reader’s attention? Simply by making the title eye-catching. Generally, the readers are more inclined towards imposing titles.

2. How to Write Title for Essay?

  • Write the Essay First:

Do not waste your time on the title by attempting to write it at first. However, to get a better and crisp idea for the title, write the essay first. Now, read the finished paper a few times to decide the title. Indeed, the best strategy to write a good title is to spend more time on the essay’s outline.

  • Follow 3C’s:

Here, C’s means “Clear, Crisp, and Concise”. However, the main goal of the title is to give a name to that essay. And, to do it, the title doesn’t need heavy and complex words. Just keep it short and simple and try to reflect the title to the essay’s theme.

  • Avoid Fancy Words:

The title does not need unnecessary exaggeration. Therefore, avoid fancy or desiderated words. And, pick a few main words from your thesis statement. Now, join them together and get the desired title.

  • Use Thesis Statement:

Now, the thesis statement is another help you can take to write a good essay title. And, for that, you will need to focus on the thesis statement more. Nonetheless, this will help you get two outputs while working for a single one.

  • Use the Internet:

If the above four tips didn’t work for you. Take the help of the internet in that case. Few online tools are particularly designed for generating catchy headlines. But, if you don’t want to copy it. You can also take hints and then improvise them.

3. Examples of Titles for an Essay:

Below are some titles for an essay depending upon various subjects.

  • Persuasive Essay Titles:

1.   Do not Judge an Employee by their appearance.

2.   Illegal Emigrant has a right to stay in the U.K.

3.   Detestable Crimes Deserve nothing but the Death Penalty.

4.   Skepticism is the Most Suitable Religion.

5.   Recruiting Candidates Who Drink and Smoke: Pros and Cons.

  • Creative Essay Titles:

1.   Once Upon a Time in my Childhood.

2.   The Power of Meditation: Life-Changing Experience.

3.   Period Talks, a Taboo no more.

4.   Why MLA Styles Work?

5.   Social Media: Influencer or Distraction.

  • Argumentative Essay Titles:

1.   Should Women Speak up to Protect their Individuality?

2.   Pre-Marital Sex should be Legalized or not.

3.   The Malware: A Keen Observation.

4.   Is Euthanasia a Necessary Evil?

5.   Juveniles Should get Death Penalty or Not.

  • Catchy Essay Titles:

1.   Mark Zuckerberg: Genius or Insane?

2.   How can a Couple Balance Household Works while Working?

3.   Online Shopping: Treasure of Virtual Business Empire.

4.   The Position of Literature in the History of Mythology.

5.   Is Time Machine Real or Imaginary?

4. Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Avoid Asking Wrong Questions:

To get a good answer, it is important to ask a good question. However, this also means that you have to choose the topic carefully.

  • Do Not Choose Negative Themes:

If you don’t have verified information. Do not choose any sensitive, immoral, and shady topics.

  • Do not Add Your Opinion:

Also, your essay should reflect the correct information. And, not your personal or past opinion.

  • Meet the Mentor’s Demands:

If you are writing an academic essay. Then, you must meet the mentor’s demands. Therefore, read and listen to the guidelines very carefully. Subsequently, professionally design your essay to impress your professors.

All the above points need to be kept under consideration while writing the title of an essay. Furthermore, this will make your essay more attractive and readable. Although, your essay must be in a proper tone.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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