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Academic Writing: How to Write Table of Content For Essays?

Have you ever wondered what the roadmap of your writing is? How can you make your essays more readable? Well, the answer is simple, using the table of contents. In this segment, you will know how to write table of content for essays.

Before learning how to write table of content for essays, let’s understand the table of content.

What is a Table of Content?

The table of contents is a systematic listing of your essay’s chapters, sub-divisions, and often figures. These are numbered by page number. Whereas, readers use this information to reach the exact page of your essay.

Moreover, readers get an idea of how systematic your essay is? It enables them to identify particular sections of your essay. The table of content is always written in a list format. You all must have seen books having these lists. The list indicates the number of chapters in the book. Also, it signifies the particular page number.

Subsequently, the table of content includes the headings, the name of each chapter, and the bibliography. The symbol of a good table of content is that it should be easy to read. It should be formatted accurately. Especially, it reflects your whole essay.

Points to learn:

  • How to Write Table of Content For Essays?
  • Tips on How To Write Table of Content For Essays?
  • Where Do You Put The Table of Contents?
  • What to Include in The Table of Content?
  • Templates of Table of Content.

1. How to Write Table of Content For Essays?

Firstly, write the title and each chapter’s names of your essay in order. Secondly, start writing the subheadings of each chapter. If you don’t have any subheadings avoid this step. Thirdly, write the respective page number beside each chapter. In this way, you can easily write a table of contents in Microsoft Word.

2. Tips on How To Write Table of Content For Essays:

Following are 5 tips on how to write a table of content for essays:

  • Write the Essay First:

It is advised to write the essay first. Because it will be impossible to denote each page at the start. Moreover, it is also suggested that you should use a basic table of contents while writing an essay. This is done so that you don’t miss any of the chapter names.

  • Make the Essay Systematic:

The moment you finish writing the body of the essay. Have an idea about the basic structure of the table of content. For this, you need to write your essay systematically. This will ensure the accuracy of the table of content.

  • Decide the Sub-Division:

The third step is to decide how detailed your table of content should be. It means how many sub-divisions your table will have. If you think your essay is more complex and it needs a subdivision to understand. You should mention the subdivision.

  • Follow Two Columns Policy:

It is applied to every kind of table of content. There should be a column on the left as well as the right side. The left column contains all the sections and subdivisions of the essay. Whereas, the write side includes corresponding page numbers.

  • Stick to a Format:

There are several formats available to write the table of content. Any format can work for you. Conversely, you need to select a particular format suitable for your essay. This will help you to write the information accurately.

3. Where Do You Put The Table of Contents?

Now the question arises where the table of content is placed. It is found on the right-side page of the essay. Furthermore, it is found after the initial 2-3 pages of your essay. Along with acknowledgements, this page is found after the title page. Subsequently, it is found before the introductory page of the essay.

4. What to Include in The Table of Content?

A basic table of content includes the title of the essay at the top. Following, each chapter names and subdivides. It should be in chronological order. Subsequently, at the end of each line add the page number parallelly. Few examples of each chapter name could be summary, introduction, abstract, an essay description, body, etc.

5. Templates of Table of Content:

Table of Content can be of different types:

  • Single Level Table of Content.
  • Subdivided Table of Content.
  • Multi-Level Table of Content.
  • Academic Table of Content.

Each type has its use and relevance. Following is the basic template for you:

1. Basic Template:

how to write table of content for essays
Basic Template of Table of Content

2. Complex Template:

how to write table of content for essays
Complex Template of Table of Content

An accurate table of contents comes in many formats and structures. Although, each format just follows one path. It is to show the accurate numbers of chapters in a chronological way. To make the academic essay more impactful, you must use a table of contents.

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