How to Write an Effective Research Paper?
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How to Write an Effective Research Paper?

Are you looking forward to writing a research paper? But, are you confused about the rundown of the research paper? Well, this article will help you. In this segment, you learn how to write an effective research paper?

What is a Research Paper?

It is a form of academic writing which contains theoretical and significant information. This information must go through the proper procedure of in-depth research. It must contain arguments related to the thesis with relevant evidence. And, it must be from staunch sources.

Required Material to Write an Effective Research Paper:

  • Note Paper- Make sure you take enough papers while researching, and put down notes.
  • Different colored highlighters (2-3).
  • Index cards.

How to Write an Effective Research Paper?

Following is some of the tips on how to write an effective research paper:

1. Stay Organized:

The first tip to write a research paper is to keep things organized. This is because the research paper is very long. And, if you do not keep your stuff organized. This might create confusion later on.

  • Choose the topic carefully.
  • Pick authentic sources.
  • Sources will be helpful and make your research paper more appropriate.
  • Index card needs to be used to put down helpful notes. However, this will help you further in the process of writing.
  • Notes must be organized based on the subtopics.
  • Create an outline before writing.
  • Consider your first draft as a skeleton of your research paper.
  • Proofread your first draft.

2. Do an In-Depth Research:

Now, the next step in how to write an effective research paper is to do in-depth research about the topic. Here, focus more on the organization and your write-up. Your research should be in the following ways:

  • Interpreting your subject.
  • Compose ideas for your paper.
  • Discuss your topic with authority.

Whereas, you need to gather resource material and start reviewing them. Following are some good sources:

  • Online encyclopedias, and databases.
  • Google scholar.
  • Books and journals.
  • Newspapers.
  • Government copies, guides, and reports.

Importantly, keep storing your notes in a spreadsheet. Also, create columns for various elements you are including. Rename each heading as Title, author, reference, and quotes.

3. Choose the Topic Carefully:

To choose a topic for a research paper, consider the following points:

  • Background Research:

Doing the background research will help you develop an appropriate topic for a research paper. Knowing more about the topic’s background helps you further in writing a research paper.

  • Brainstorm Abstraction:

The moment you thought of a broad topic according to your interest. Try to brainstorm all of them and write them down. Subsequently, it means to write key points that constitute your topic.

  • Compose a Research Question:

Now, when you figured out the abstraction and did background research. Conversely, compose a research question. It will help you in writing a research paper.

4. Take Down the Appropriate Notes:

As mentioned in the first tip, be organized while taking down your notes. Try to write in pointers and notes in paragraphs. Nonetheless, it helps you to get a quick recap of what you read. Use different colored highlighters to identify differences between subtopics.

Also, if you need a reference from the whole article, you can take a xerox copy of it. Keep one thing in mind while noting down something from the internet. Always put down bibliographical information like the author, book title, page number, edition, etc.

5. Create an Outline:

Creating an outline will help you collocate your thoughts before you get into writing. Once you composed your thesis statement, give a thought on key points you need to present. This will be about supporting your argument or statement.

Now, arrange your thoughts and information under each sub-topic. Please note any information that does not fit in the framework of your outline. Do not write it in your research paper. Keep yourself focused on the topic. Whereas you might find various interesting facts while researching, but everything will not be relevant to you.

6. Write the First Draft:

After you are done with your outline, write your first draft. The previously written points will make this process easy. However, it is a point where you need to put details to your key points. Focus on the grammar and stick to the topic. Keep in mind the bibliography term. Elaborate on each point in detail.

Checklist for Revising Your Research Paper Draft:

1. Developmental Edit:

  • Is your thesis statement crisp, clear, and concise?
  • Do your thoughts follow a logical sequence in each segment?
  • Do your statements support the thesis?
  • Are your sources properly cited?
  • Have you checked the plagiarism?

2. Line Edit:

  • Your language must be specific.
  • Sentences should have a smooth and clear flow.
  • Avoid filter word phrases.

Template to write an effective research paper:

How to Write an Effective Research Paper?

All the above-mentioned tips are noted by keeping in mind how to write an effective research paper. Each of them is verified by experts and credible courses.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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