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Complete Guide: How To Write a Thesis Statement?

Many of the students that I come across are confused about how to write a thesis statement? It takes a lot of patience, research, hard work, and multiple editing to get it right. Don’t worry! Without any adieu let’s see what needs to be done and how?

What is a thesis statement?

While reading an essay you always look for one-two sentences that can be condensed into an argument. And that condensation is referred to as a thesis statement which comprises the points discussed in the paper.

In this section, you get a complete guide on how to write a thesis statement. 

Points to be discussed:

  • What a thesis statement is all about?
  • Categories of a thesis statement.
  • Why should your essay contain a thesis statement?
  • How can you develop a thesis? 
  • Steps in constructing a thesis.
  • What you should not include in a thesis statement?

1. What a thesis statement is all about?

A thesis statement is not a simple fact presentation; Nor is it a topic; Nor is it an opinion. “Implementation of farm bills” is a topic. “Farm bills will exploit the farmers” is an opinion. “Farmers went on a wide protest against farm bills” is a fact.  

Whereas a good thesis statement has two parts. It should explain what you plan to argue. A thesis statement must “telegraph” how you planned the argument, which means what specific support for your claim is appearing where in your essay.

A thesis statement should be arguable and engaging for the readers, but not factual. Factual statements are quite easy to write and prove. The essay should reflect your critical thinking and analytical skills. It always takes a stand and rationalizes further discussions.

2. Categories of a thesis statement.

Before learning how to write a thesis statement, you must understand why it is written. For example: before playing a sport you must know the rules and regulations.

A thesis statement has two categories:

  1. Informative: This is used when you just want to inform the reader about every element of your essay. Example: To make a maggie, you must procure the ingredients, find a pan, and cook the noodles. 

This thesis shows the topic to the reader (to cook maggie) and move towards its next step of (recipe: how to cook maggie).

2. Persuasive: This type of thesis usually includes an opinion and the logic of why your opinion is true. It means, unless your motive is simply to inform, your thesis is regarded as persuasive.

Example: Maggie is the best fast food because it is easy to cook, tastes good, and pocket-friendly.

Now, the above example is a persuasive statement. It states an opinion (best fast-food). So, here you have to prove that your opinion is correct through your thesis statement. 

3. Why should your essay contain a thesis statement?

  • To test your critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • To present your ideas by filtering them into a sentence or two.
  • A reader could understand the argument.
  • To organize and create your argument.

 4. How can you develop a thesis statement? 

   You can develop a thesis statement with the help of below 3 points:

  1. To develop a thesis (if the topic is already assigned)

No matter, how complex your assignment is, your first step is to filter the assignment into a particular question. For example, if your assignment is, “Write a report on the rumors spread among elders about the coronavirus vaccine.”

Now, turn the statement into a question like, “What are the rumors being spread among elders about the coronavirus vaccine”? The moment you select the question your essay will answer. Now, compose one or two sentences answering that question. 


Q: “What are the rumors being spread among elders about the coronavirus vaccine”?

A: “The rumors spread among elders about vaccines are…..”


A: “Probably the dose of vaccine in elders can…..”

          The answer to the question is the thesis statement for the essay.

2. Write a thesis statement if the topic is not assigned

If your assignment doesn’t ask a particular question, your thesis statement still needs to answer a question. The answer can be about the issue you would like to explore. Here, your task is to find out what question you would like to write about.

An efficient thesis statement generally contains 4 major aspects:

  • Stating a subject in which people could differ logically.
  • Convey one chief idea.
  • Declare your closure about the subject.
  • Trade-in with a subject allocated in your assignment.

3. Writing a strong thesis from a weak one:

  • A strong thesis must take some stand on the topic.
  • It must justify an argument or discussion.
  • It conveys one main idea.
  • A strong thesis is always particular.

5. Steps in constructing a thesis statement.

  • Examine your primary focus: Find out controversy, vagueness, or complication. Do the statements mentioned in the essay contradict each other? What are the fine implications of the author’s argument? Don’t just observe and inform. Look for questions that motivate you in writing a thesis statement.
  • Write down the working thesis: Always note down the arguable points you find out. It will compel you to think critically and concisely. 
  • Highlight the thesis statement in the introduction: A standard place for your thesis statement is at the end of an introductory paragraph. Readers always look for a thesis statement in your introduction.

6. What you should not include in a thesis statement?

  • Don’t make the statement complicated it should be easy to understand.
  • Your thesis statement must have a real purpose.
  • Don’t write the thesis too basic or too obvious.
  • You need to have a keen focus on the language choice.
  • A thesis statement should not lack the connection with the essay.

Writing and learning how to write a thesis statement is work that requires a lot of focus and patience. You need to have proper research and analysis about the subject. If you are still unclear you can hire an expert to write your thesis statement.

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