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Beginners Guide: How To Write a Cover Letter For Resume?

The recruiters ask you for a cover letter. Now, You are stuck thinking about how to write a cover letter for a resume?  In this article, we have prepared an all-in-one guide. We have also included a cover letter template that you can just download and edit according to your requirements.

What is a cover letter?

Is simply a single-page letter that you attach with your CV/Resume giving more insights about you, telling them why you are the right candidate for the job, and back up your resume.

In this article, You will learn:

  • Structure of a cover letter.
  • The purpose of a cover letter.
  • Matching your cover letter to the job.
  • How long should a cover letter be? 
  • What to include in the cover letter?
  • What you should not include?

1. Structure of a cover letter

  • Header- write contact information.
  • Salutation- Greet the hiring manager.
  • Subject- Name of the job profile you are applying for.
  • Opening paragraph- Include 2-3 top achievements to grab the attention.
  • The second paragraph- Elaborate your skills and capabilities.
  • Third paragraph- Explain how you can be an asset to the company?
  • Formal closing

     2. The Purpose of a Cover Letter: 

  • Showcase your skills.
  • Signifies your engrossment in a role.
  • Denote your research in front of recruiters.
  • Elaborate on what services you can provide.
  • Intricate on key points listed in the description of the job role.

      3.  Matching your cover letter to the job:

Use a different cover letter for each job role that you are applying. Your letter must explain the research you have done and justify the recruiter’s expectations. You need to be very specific about your capabilities and skills. 

Tips to match your cover letter to the job:

  • Identify whom to address.
  • Try to find out the name of the person who will read the application.
  • Don’t use the first name. Use either “Mr” or “Ms” and their last name in lieu.
  • Find every small detail about the job.
  • Visit the company’s website for more details.

 4. How long should a cover letter be?

  • Try to keep it short and crisp. 
  • On average a cover letter should be 250-400 words long.
  • Should not exceed a page.
  • A Cover letter is a supplement not a replacement to your resume.
  • Don’t repeat the exact thing mentioned in your resume.

5. What to include in a cover letter? 

  • Pick the right cover letter template.
  • Put your name and contact details at the top of your cover letter. 
  • Don’t write the postal address.
  • Create a professional email id. Avoid fancy names. For example [email protected] 
  • Include the name of the person you are writing to. Their designation in the company.
  • If unable to find contact details then write “To whom it may concern”.
  • Write the job profile you applied for in the subject.
  • Carefully list your relevant skills. 
  • Elaborate on why you are perfect for the job.
  • Try to find out what the recruiter does and how they talk to themselves.
  • The letter must finish by asking the employer to read your resume. Example: “ Along with this cover letter I am attaching my resume, looking for a positive response”.

6. What you should not include in your cover letter?

  • Always spell-check your cover letter.
  • Do not make any typing errors. To avoid this you can give your letter to someone else to read.
  • Do not include your whole resume in your cover letter.
  • Do not make it too lengthy.
  • Try to avoid the overuse of the word “I”. 
  • Avoid phrases like “I believe”, “I feel”. 
  • Read the letter again and again. 
  • Try to rewrite the sentences starting from “I”.
  • Do not mention your other job application.

Remember you are not writing the article for yourself. Instead, you are writing for the employer. And you must speak their language or a language in which they are comfortable with proper research and knowledge, you can ace the race.  

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