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How To Look Organized In Zoom Meeting?

Zoom is the feature that has been accepted worldwide to connect professionally. But do you know how you can manage to organize an impeccable zoom meeting? Do you know that you can give a professional look at your home also? Well, I have come up with zoom tips and tricks for you to look organized in a zoom meeting. Also, you will learn about some zoom interview tips and zoom thumbnail view.

5 Zoom Tips and Tricks:

In the corporate world, every second is valuable. By using these zoom tips and tricks you can save hours from your schedule. Some easy shortcuts can make meeting scheduling seamless.

1. Quick Invite and Record Meeting:

If you are a new zoom user, you might need some shortcut keys to save your time. Firstly, send a quick invite to your other attendees by using (Alt+I). This will open the invite window. Now, copy the URL and select the Email tab.

When the Email dialog box appears create a pre-set containing your regular attendee’s email. Otherwise, click on contacts to directly invite a colleague. Else, share the copied invite link into your Whatsapp group.

The recording is an exceptionally useful feature in Zoom. It is mostly used in educational institutes to share class recordings for further use by students. Else, if you want to save important meetings. Record them for reference.

In a zoom, do not take things slowly by writing notes. Record the meeting and transcribe it. Use the key (Alt+R) to start a meeting. And (Alt+P) to pause/resume recording.

2. Share Screen:

Sharing the screen is yet another extremely useful feature by Zoom. This feature helps you share any other content. Materials like presentations, documents, videos, images, software working, etc.

You can share everything you work on your computer through a shared screen. Use key (Alt+Shift+S) to start a screen share. And, (Alt+T) to pause/resume a screen share.

3. Mute Everyone and Turn Off Video:

While a person is speaking, others should be mute. Other’s background noise might come in the way of effective communication. Muting everyone except the speaker will help you understand each point better.

If you are the meeting host you can mute everyone by (Alt+M). Else you can enable permission and then if anyone wants to unmute themselves, you can approve accordingly.

If you or your colleagues are facing some network issues while screen sharing. It is good to quickly turn off everyone’s video. Hit (Alt+V) to turn off the video.

4. Display Name:

This is less necessary if you are having a personal zoom meeting. With every known person. But you are organizing a meeting for college/school lectures, conferences, or client meetings. Then, the correct display name is important.

It is helpful on both ends. First, it will not allow any unknown person to enter the meeting and disturb. Secondly, if you forgot any names, you can just see the display name and call for them. Edit your display name in settings.

5. Enable shortcut from the settings:

Enabling this feature will strengthen your keyboard to work faster. Go to the setting panel and enable shortcuts. You can use them even if you are using a window other than Zoom. Go to setting> Keyboard Shortcuts and click on “Enable Global Shortcuts”.

5 Zoom Interview Tips:

1. Have a Good Webcam:

If you have a new laptop/ desktop, this should not be an issue. But if you are experiencing granulated images on a screen. You must invest in a better webcam. Normally, the system’s in-built camera is pathetic.

This might have an impact on your impression. Because you are not physically present with your colleagues. Then, you must have a good picture quality to leave a better impact.

2. Wear Something Comfortable to Boost Confidence:

It is evident when you are wearing something comfortable. You tend to be more confident. Wear something that shows the best version of yourself. To be on camera, try wearing something blue. Although, it is a royal color and a sign of professionalism.

3. Position Your Camera:

Maintaining eye contact is a great sign of confidence. To maintain it virtually you must look into the camera. As well as position your camera according to your eye level.

Rather than looking at your frame look at the camera. This might throw a better impact on your colleagues or attendees.

4. Have a Good Lighting:

Having a proper lighting setup can make a huge difference. Generally, webcams don’t show great images without a source of light. Natural light always works the best and has great results.

So, if you can use a window for an interview, it’s amazing. Otherwise use a lamp that has strong light. Always use butter paper around it so throw a soft light on the subject.

5. Use Headset for Better Sound Quality:

It is very annoying if you can’t understand or hear properly what the other person is saying. And asking them to repeat themselves regularly is more annoying. Therefore, use a headset for better transmission of sound.

Using a headset will minimize all the other extra sounds. Sounds like natural noise, echoes, distorted voice can be minimized using a headset.

5 Zoom Thumbnail View:

1. Speaker View:

This will switch the large window when more than 3 participants are in the meeting. It shows the screen of that person who is currently speaking. When somebody else is speaking the screen will simultaneously switch.

2. Gallery View:

This view will display the thumbnail of each participant on the screen. This will be visible to everyone. Even if their camera is off. Depending upon your CPU, a desktop can display up to 49 participants in the gallery view.

3. Full Screen:

You can switch to full-screen mode by double-clicking your zoom window. And you can exit from it using the Esc button.

4. Customize Video Order:

You can simply click and drag videos in gallery view to create a custom video folder. When you change it, other participants will be arranged one after another. When a new participant joins, they will be added in the bottom-right.

5. Have a virtual background:

Having a virtual background will give a more professional look. You can add a virtual background before starting the meeting. Also, you can add it in between the meetings.

When you know how to handle Zoom correctly, it improves your work efficiency. It saves your time and creates a professional impact on your colleagues. Balancing zoom tips and tricks, video setting tips, and thumbnail altogether can give a great output.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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