How to Find Accommodation for Students in USA
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How to Find Accommodation for Students in USA?

Have you figured out your college in the USA? But, that’s not enough. You will also need accommodation to stay. All you need to think of is a perfect accommodation to study and live peacefully. In this segment, you will learn how to find accommodation for students in USA.

How to Find Accommodation for Students in USA?

1. Simmons Hall, Cambridge, Massachusetts:

This place is also called The Sponge because of its deviant exterior. Amongst all of the best student accommodation. This is the only one who openly brags about their velociraptors on their website. However, Simmons Hall has situated nearby the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Some of the key features are its ball pit, delicious smoothies, structure like a massive sponge, etc. Whereas, the rent starts at $5,325 per semester for a single room. Furthermore, for those who are vegan, this can be an ideal place to live. They also serve vegan food in their cafeteria.

2. Aspen Heights, Statesboro, Georgia:

This accommodation is situated near Georgia Southern University. Some of the key features are Hot Tub, Sunbed, Volleyball Court, etc. However, the private room starts from $490 per month.

Moreover, if you want to live in a more student-like environment within your space. Then, Aspen Heights is the best choice for you. Also, this place is mostly opted by students so you will be able to stay in a familiar environment.

Furthermore, it also provides a wide range of sports facilities for students. For those who don’t like to exercise, the swimming pool and BBQ area are enough to entice you outside.

3. Pointe on Rio, Austin, Texas:

If you want to get immersed in the Austin Environment, this is an ideal home for you. Nonetheless, this is situated near the University of Texas. Some of the features are the Rooftop Pool and sundeck.

Also, the private room rent for a month starts at $868. However, the University of Texas is just a 15-minute walking distance from this place. And, this place provides International food, hipster manor on Guadalupe Street.

Apart from this, the historical places to visit and spend some chill time are at your doorstep. Conversely, if you don’t want to go anywhere, you can just sit and chill at the rooftop pool or on your balcony.

4. Evo at Cira Centre South, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

With key features like Rooftop Infinity Pool, 24-hour coffee bar, this place becomes ideal for student accommodation. However, the private room rent starts at $1,119 per month. Moreover, this place is located near the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University.

Also, there is hardly a 5-minute walking distance towards Drexel and Penn. Subsequently, it provides an excellent environment to study for a long time. And, if you like to study at night, you will need something to stay awake. So, the 24-hour coffee bar is at your step.

Additionally, If you have to do any group project, try the communal rooms for study. Furthermore, this place is perfect for relaxation and you will get every essential utility. One downside is that, If it’s raining then pool time is not fun.

5. Ivy House, Gainesville, Florida:

This is only for girl’s accommodation with private rooms starting at $725 per month. However, It is situated near the University of Florida. Some of the key features are Jacuzzis, and gourmet kitchen.

Moreover, If you are not very social, this place is a girls-only residence. Ivy house provides a safe, female-friendly accommodation for girls to study and live with ease. Also, it provides a gourmet kitchen and larger rooms in comparison to normal student halls.

However, if you get to stay over here, make sure you make the most out of it. All the facilities must be properly utilized. Also, you can chill and relax in their sundeck.

6. Hub Madison, Wisconsin:

This place is situated near the University of Wisconsin-Madison. However, some of the key features are Golf Simulator, Yoga Studio, Recording Studio, Sauna, etc. Furthermore, the private room rent starts at $875 per month.

Additionally, Hub Madison everything you need to study well and stay with ease. Also, they focus on making your stay away from the house very friendly. Subsequently, you will have a nice time in between your lectures and virtual golf sessions.

Also, you can witness snowfall very closely. The place is so perfect for student accommodation that each day you will wake with a different goal. And, find out that there is every possibility to grab that goal.

Planning to study abroad is itself a big decision. And, you cannot afford to get an imperfect accommodation after spending so much money. All the above-mentioned places are the best results from how to find student accommodation for students in USA.

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