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Professional Advice On How To Address A Letter

In a world full of texting and emails, letters’ significance is not lost. Letters are still in use, especially formal communication. Recruiters are fascinated in hiring employees who impress them on the first go, which is the cover letter. Here, I present to you all the important tips and methods about how to address a letter.

How to address a letter?

A letter symbolizes a message which can be handwritten or printed on paper. Generally, it is sent through email or in an envelope. Else, we can define how to address a letter as communication between the two sides.

Template of a formal letter:

Formal Letter Template

3 Steps to address a letter:


Writing an address on an envelope:

1. Write your name and address

Mention your name and address on the left end of the envelope. Make sure you are mentioning your own address. This is because the post office can return it to you if it can’t be delivered to the recipient. Use only a black or blue ball pen.


Nadia Burman

Civitech Sampriti

Sector 78, Noida 201301.

2. Write the name of the recipients:

After mentioning your name and address, the next step is to mention the recipient’s full name in the middle of the envelope. It must include the person’s title. The first letter of each word should be capitalized here.


Mr. Peterson

The Gaurs

Noida Extension

3. Add the Company Name:

If you are addressing a business letter, you must include the company name next to the name of the recipient. It will also help the letter to reach the right person.


Mr. Peterson

Sofia Garments Pvt. Ltd.

Noida Extension

4. Write the office number:

Mention the apartment or office number on the address section or just below.


Mr. Peterson

A-88, Sofia Garments Pvt. Ltd.

Noida Extension


Select the correct title for your recipient:

1. Be specific about gender:

Refer to women as Ms and men as Mr. Addressing a letter to a female is a bit difficult. Therefore, Ms. is suitable for all women and hence it is a secure option to choose from.

Example: Mr. Peterson or Ms. Oliver

2. Exclude the title if gender is unknown:

While addressing the letter, if gender is unknown to you, don’t write Mr. or Ms. Instead, you can use gender-neutral terms like “to whom it may concern”.


Stick to the format:

1. Write your first and last name:

For a formal letter, it is very important to add your full name. Write an unabbreviated form of your name.

2. Mention the name of your company:

If you are addressing a business letter, you must provide the name of your company in the next line. By doing this your recipient will understand whom you represent.

3. Enter your contact details:

If you are addressing a letter to seek a job, you must include your phone number and email address. Always provide a professional email address that includes your name.


Ms. Nadia Rawat

Civitech Sampriti

Noida Sector-78, Noida

[email protected]

4. Write the date:

It is very important to add the date after you write the recipient’s address. It should not be in a numerical manner.


April 22, 2021.

Points to remember: How to address a letter?

1. Contact Information:

This is an important step while addressing a letter. You must know the proper format of writing the contact information. It includes your name, designation, address on which the receiver will respond. The sender’s contact should be as follows:

  •  Full name
  •   Company Name
  •   Street address
  • Town or city, also include state name and zip code.
  • The address should be aligned left.
  • While writing to someone out of the country, mention the country’s name in the fourth line.
  • Add email and phone number.

2. Salutations:

The choice of salutation depends on whether or not you know the receiver of the letter. The most commonly used salutation is “dear”. It is recommended when you don’t know the recipient’s name or gender.


Dear Ms. Oliver

Respected Sir

Dear Professor Ahmed

3. How to find a contact person:

Here is another important thing to note while learning how to address a letter is to know the name of the intended recipient. It’s not compulsory but if you manage to find this, then it might throw a good impression of you on the recipient.

It showcases your efforts to the recipient. Let’s see how can you find a contact person:

Ask around:

One of the most used ways to find a contact person is to ask around. You should try and communicate with your colleagues and close friends, specifically while applying for a job.

Try to get the phone number or mailing address of the recipient. Otherwise, you can call the company’s receptionist or customer care asking for contact details.

Find contact information on the internet:

Even after asking around if you can’t get the contact information of the hiring person. You can research on the internet. Try to find out the company’s personnel and contact information.

Visit the “about us” column of the company’s website. Here, most probably you will get the contact details of the required person.

Knowing how to address a letter is very important in the professional and corporate world. If you are a fresher or hunting for a job, then the thing that will represent you is your cover letter. You must have a clear knowledge of its format.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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