Find unpopular ways of earning money online

How To Find Unpopular Ways of Earning Money Online

Have you ever thought of earning money online? Well, I have got your back with the list of some unpopular yet best online earning platforms. If you want to monetize your free time, do read the whole article. And find unpopular ways of earning money online.

Here is the complete guide to find unpopular ways of earning money online:

1.   Try print on demand:

This method is for those fresher graphic designers who know to design business models and montages. Print on demand is a website for you to monetize your art. With distinctive designs, you can create amazing business models for your clients.

With the help of various marketing channels, you can collaborate with Instagram or Facebook influencers to get an audience.

2.   Create an online course:

It is said that “Learn in a way so that you can teach somebody”. Sharing knowledge with the masses is the best way to make money online. You can earn money by creating courses online. Various websites like Udemy allow selling your course online.

If you have your website, you can offer a course there also. Through this people can earn up to $5,000 per month. You can take hints on how to create an online course by watching other people’s work. Keenly read the reviews to understand merits and demerits.

By watching other people’s work you can find answers to various questions. Like, What is the demand of the target audience? How to create different content than others? Steps to resolve the doubts. How to manage the time? And a lot more.

3.   Create side gigs:

For this, the best platform is Fiverr. It can help you make money online while doing some other jobs also. If you are looking for some side income then this is it. You need to create an account on Fiverr and focus on getting the customers. On this website, people create ads like assignment work, article writing, ms word work, etc.

Through the effectiveness of your ad, people book their slots. You need to complete the work within the given deadline and get paid. It will help you in building a portfolio that will attract further clients.

You can also try on Flexjobs to create side gigs.

4.   Do translation work:

If you are good with your communication skills then translation work is best for you. All you need is to be fluent in at least two languages. And you can earn money easily. To make clients you need to show proof of your language skills and ability to translate.

Most companies demand a translation test. Sites offering online translation are Upwork, Gengo, SDL, Pro translating, etc.

5.   Sell your stuff:

If you have some stuff which is good to use but you don’t use them. Why not find a job for them? Selling your stuff like clothes, shoes, accessories is a great way to earn money online. Keep in mind that you must include the product description and selling cost properly.

To attract customers, take some amazing pictures of your product and attach them with the product description. Before selling, do some research about the customer demand. After you figure out all of the above then visit websites like Shopify, Meesho, etc.

6.   Become a virtual assistant:

Many expanding businesses or startups have a demand for virtual assistants. These are people who can elaborate on their projects online. This job requires just basic knowledge about the kind of projects the company is working on.

Work like writing, record keeping, data entry, order processing, customer support are basic tasks that come under virtual assistant. You can work as a virtual assistant on websites like Virtual assistant jobs, Indeed, etc. You must actively participate on social media for ease.

7.   Review websites, apps, and software:

If you have a hobby of using various products and services then you can earn money online by reviewing them. Websites pay up to $10 for reviewing a single app or product. It helps in promoting their product to different audiences.

You can either write or create a video to communicate your feedback. Sites like User testing and Software judge are some top sites that offer money for reviewing apps and services.

8.   No-risk match betting:

Here comes the quickest way to make a big amount of money online. Although, without breaking the law. Several people have genuinely made 100 Euros from this gig. It’s legal, tax-free, entertaining and people over 18 years in the UK can do it.

It requires very little investment to start the process. Your profit can be multiplied based on bet placed. Sites like Betfair exchange or William hill provide the opportunity to place a bet online. It is a completely legalized website by the government of the UK.

9.   Paid for searching the web:

If I tell you that you can earn money through the things you already do online. Isn’t it interesting and easy to do? is a site that rewards people for searching google, bing, eBay, etc.

All you need to do is install this browser and perform a search. Some might be sponsored and others can be a normal search. It takes a small amount of 72p through Paypal as an entry amount.

10.   Sell your notes:

If you are a student then what’s better than sharing your notes with other students. It is a great way to provide education and earn some extra cash. Here, you have to upload your notes in a PDF format including your charges. When the customer downloads it you get paid.

Websites like Nexus Notes and Stuvia are free to use websites to publish your notes. These websites tend to cut some amount as their profit or commission.

Earning money online can help you make some extra income and altogether enhance your skills. You don’t need to compromise your study hours or 9 to 5 jobs you can do this part-time.

It provides you with more financial freedom and security. Above mentioned websites are best- picked websites to find unpopular ways of earning money online.

Having any queries or doubts, feel free to use the comment section below.

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