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How To Find Student Accommodation in UK?

Have you planned to continue higher studies in the UK? But now stuck in the thought of finding accommodation. Probably, it’s the most stressful part of moving abroad. So, I have come up with a complete guide for you to find student accommodation in UK.

To get the right accommodation, you need to search for it as soon as possible. This will help you in getting the right combination of location, price, and friendly flatmates. With the help of this segment, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

There are two main types of accommodation available in the UK:

1.   Hall of residence (student halls on-campus or off-campus):

It is the British way of saying student housing or student lodges. Hall of residence is also of two types, the one offered by the university and private ones generally located outside the campus.

It has a total of 5-10 rooms on one floor. With a single kitchen and living room or another type of common area. Mostly these rooms have attached washrooms. But in some places, it can be shared also.

You will have plenty of room types to choose from. Like the single room, double room, or deluxe room. It depends on your budget. The best thing is that the hall of residence is surrounded by students. Therefore, you will get a friendly environment.

If you choose the university’s hall of residence then your traveling cost will be saved. Mostly, they are located on the campus or near the campus. You can just wake 10 minutes before and still be at university on time.

In the UK, you have an option to choose from catered or non catered accommodation. In catered halls, you get three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Apart from this you still get a common kitchen to cook for yourself.

The price of accommodation will not vary much whether it is private or in university. The price variation depends on the catering system you choose. Whereas, most of the students choose university halls of residence because it is effective. Before going you get complete information about the place.

But to get university halls of residence you must apply earlier to reserve a place on campus. Because the number of rooms is limited here. If you get accepted, then you need to pay the rent in advance. It can be either six months or a whole academic year.

2.   Private rented accommodation:

If you don’t prefer to stay in a hall of residence, you can choose to stay in a privately rented house. Mostly second-year students. choose this accommodation. This is because up to then students get an idea about the surrounding. Very few students choose this type of accommodation in the first year.

The biggest advantage of choosing private accommodation is you get to stay with people you want. You can manage the budget according to you. It also gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want.

You get a comfortable place to live and get in touch with your landlord to talk about any issues. Be attentive while reading the contract offered by landlords or agents. You must be aware of your rights as a tenant.

Most probably the houses in the UK become available in June. Because at that time one academic year comes to an end. Many students tend to go home after studies and leave their current accommodations.

Managing in private accommodation can be hard. Especially if you are moving abroad. It is an advise not to pay anything in advance if you are not sure or haven’t seen the property.

Before staying there make sure the rent is reasonable, legalize, facilities, and other things you find important. Try to maintain a healthy relationship with people staying around you.

Sources: Find student accommodation in UK


This is the most opted source to find student accommodation in London. It has a well-built website so that students can easily contact and book their accommodation. It provides all the required amenities to the students for their ease of living.

2. Spareroom:

The website which has been featured by BBC, The Guardian, Time Out, and a lot more organization. It also provides accommodation in London. Students get a high level of security from this.

 The website says that every 3 minutes someone gets accommodation from the Spareroom. All you need to do is mention your search. It can be a house or flat, single room, double room, flatmates, etc.

3. Gumtree:

It’s yet another website that offers not just accommodation but also second-hand stuff as well. In case you need some furniture for your flat you can opt for Gumtree. It covers all UK regions. It does not matter which university you choose to study.

4. Falkner Eggington, Loughborough University:

This university is ranked among the top universities with the best student accommodation. Falk Egg, called by students states the place has amazing value for money and social experience. It is the largest self-cater hall on Loughborough’s campus.

5. St. Regulus Hall- University of St. Andrews:

This hall of residence was built in the 1880s as a hotel. Afterward, it was acquired by the university in the 1950s. According to students, it has an excellent location at Queen’s Gardens.

Before choosing accommodation for yourself, do wide research about the place you are going to live. To find student accommodation in the UK will be much easier through the above-mentioned website. You can choose a private or hall of residence as your accommodation.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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