Effective Tips to Boost Your Study Pattern in Pandemic
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Effective Tips to Boost Your Study Pattern in Pandemic

Are you also facing a disturbance in your study schedule during a pandemic? Are you not able to follow your routine during a pandemic? Well. don’t worry, it’s very normal. However, I have come up with effective tips to boost your study pattern in pandemic.

During this global pandemic, people across the globe are finding themselves homebound. They are facing a lot of trouble following their routine and living a normal life. Well, nobody has an idea when this pandemic will be over. Till then, you have to keep moving forward and utilize this time.

Following are Some Effective Tips to Boost Your Study Pattern in Pandemic:

1. Keep Yourself Organized:

You might be facing many changes in your courses. Also, there is a probability that you might relive the first week of class confusion at the final week’s pace. Below are some things you should record for each class:

Are Parts of the Class Changing?

  • What are oneself parts of each course? (Lab, library, lecture, etc).
  • How can you find it and get access to it? (Online class, class-recording, study materials, etc).
  • Is there any specific time to access it or you can watch it anytime?

Is There Any Change in Assignment?

  • Find out if there is any change in the deadline?
  • Is the mode of submission changing?
  • Are you getting an opportunity for quizzes or exams virtually?

Whom to Ask if You Need Help?

  • Find out if your course is offering doubt clearing classes?
  • Is there any procedure for getting access to doubt classes?

2. Study With a Group:

Remote collaboration is a tough call but possible. This will connect you to your mates and you won’t feel bored or frustrated. Additionally, you have to be extra focused when you choose to study in a group.

Do not try to vacillate your work. A group project will fail miserably if you won’t communicate with your team members. Although, working on a project virtually is a next-level challenge. Do not let communication gaps come between you. It should be noted that you have to resist the urge to procrastinate.

3. Grab the Knowledge from Video Lectures:

It is very much obvious that offline teaching cannot be compared to online teaching. But, in this pandemic, this is the only option you have. Try to stick to your mentor’s schedule. However, this will help you get a feeling of normalcy. Also, you won’t fall behind in the syllabus.

Try to communicate with your mentor. Also, ask questions and clear doubts in between classes. Moreover, you should prefer taking notes during the class only. Close all the other distracting apps while attending online lectures. If your institute provides class recording, use it to clear the doubts. Watch the video when you are learning or solving a topic.

4. Don’t Burden Yourself Under a Lot of Task:

If you get into a lot of work together, you won’t be able to manage time properly. There is a misconception that people can multitask together. But, research shows that only 2% of all can multitask effectively.

  • Demerits of Multitasking:

If you multitask your work will take a long time from usual. Also, once you come back to the assignment after a break. You will need to find where you were. You will make more mistakes. However, distractions between the tasks will make you less focused.

Also, you tend to remember less. When your brain is divided into two tasks, you won’t be able to remember one thing accurately.

  • What to do Instead?

You should prefer monotasking. Always focus on a single thing at a time. Also, take breaks after every 45 minutes. And, divide your work into intervals.

5. Optimize Your Strategies with New Ones:

Your daily schedule will face changes during this time. Find out new ways to adjust your habits in the meantime. If you have a habit of studying in a library. Try to make a similar space in your home also. This will motivate you to study more because you get a familiar environment.

Another example, if you have a habit of studying in a group. Try to connect with your mates on google meet or zoom. Also, schedule doubts clearing or discussion sessions with your friends.

6. Reward Yourself:

Pandemic is already depressing people every single day. So, you don’t take a lot of pressure from studies. Take regular breaks between studying. Set a goal for yourself, if you managed to chase that, reward yourself. A reward can be eating your favorite food.

Also, watching your favorite show for an extra hour. Apart from this, you take a nap as a reward. This will relax your mind and re-energize your body. Although, this will impose good study habits along with a well-deserved treat.

All the above-mentioned points come under effective tips to boost your study pattern in a pandemic. Do not feel depressed or upset. Just make a few changes in your routine to make things normal.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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