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Things To Check Before You Consider Online Tutoring

Are you interested in online tutoring? And you are stuck thinking about how to plan it? Do you want to know about the things to check before pursuing online tutoring? Guess what, here I have a complete guide for you. In this segment, you learn all about opting for online tutoring as a profession.

Table of Contents:

  • Is This Your Goal?
  • Why Should You Choose Online Tutoring?
  • Platform.
  • Type of Online Tutoring.
  • Target Group.
  • Pricing Structure.

1. Is This Your Goal?

Firstly, start with self-introspection. Identify what is your goal? A lot of students have opted for online courses. Undoubtedly, online teaching is a noble profession. Here, students of all types will be your learner. If teaching excites you, choose this as your profession right away.

This journey can be fulfilling for you. You can spread your knowledge and nourish your skills. And, the positive response from the students will help you to engage more. This journey will give you insights into each online tutoring. You can also get to know about your future goals.

You should introspect about your ability to interact online. Try to find out some basic skills required. Else, do you want to round off your day by making your expertise available to others?

2. Why Should You Choose Online Tutoring?

Now, find out the reason why you want to choose online tutoring? Else, why should you choose online tutoring? What will you contribute to this industry? What will be your plan of action each day?

You have to decide about the time frame you want to commit to it. To answer all of the above questions, just create a list of all these questions. Then, answer them one by one yourself. It should include all your likes and dislikes. For example your passion, daily routine, work-life balance, flexibility, and financial stability.

When you have considered every aspect of online tutoring. Try to align it with your daily life and schedule. If you feel like you are not very passionate. Then, connect with it on a part-time basis. Try to look for a constraint to be an online tutor.

3. Platform For Online Tutoring:

The moment you figured out to choose online tutoring as a profession. The next step is to set your platform to teach. You should decide whether you want to do it solo or on an existing platform. Each approach has its pros and cons.

If you start online teaching individually. All the earnings will be yours. You don’t have to share your earnings with anybody. Moreover, being a newcomer might not attract a lot of people at the beginning. The advantage of being an online tutor is you can teach from wherever you want. All you need is basic stuff and an internet connection.

On the other hand, if you choose to teach from any existing platform, You won’t have any promotion to attract students. The platform will empower you with all of these. Also, it can help you with students who are already interested in your course. However, the earnings will be split according to the platform’s policy.

4. Type of Online Tutoring:

Once you choose the platform, next choose your type of session. Whether you want to give a private or group session. It is based on your choice and ability. Private online teaching happens in a 1-0-1 format where a student gets individual attention.

Whereas, group sessions will come up with several students. It is a place where you will teach a chunk of students altogether. Both types have their merits and demerits. Here, only your self-introspection will work. It depends upon your ability.

You should assess yourself by talking to few people at once. Are you able to make them understand your points clearly or not? Doing this will help you to choose the best session for you.

5. Target Group:

Now is the time to choose your target group. This section involves your choice of subjects, eligibility of students, time zone, etc. In online platforms, students participate from pre-primary level to work experience of over 10 years. Here, you need to choose your target group wisely.

This selection will depend on your qualification and understanding of the subjects. Choose the courses that you will offer to students. Plan each class according to students. Try to make your class engaging. You need to interact with the students more. Try to be familiar with them.

Your offered course needs to have eligibility criteria. It means which student can pursue your course. It can include a certain age. Also, the level of educational qualification they have. You need to mention all of these in your course details or description. Give yourself some time to decide your goals and aspirations.

In addition, mention your time zone. Because in online platforms students come from across the world. Flexibility is one of the major advantages of online tutoring. Whereas, you need to set your availability according to the time zone. In this way, students will be able to book your classes.

There is a possibility that you would have to give lectures after work, during holidays, and you can opt for it full-time also. You should choose your schedule wisely. Students from different places will attend your lectures according to it.

6. Pricing Structure:

The most strategic step of online tutoring is setting your fees. You should charge according to your work or the time you give. Whereas, you should not be too expensive to choose from. To decide this, go through some online research. It depends on the supply and demand of your particular subject.

Following is the basic structure of online tutoring you prefer:

·   One-Time Session:

It means you will be introduced as a guest lecture. It works when students need a brief overview of a few topics.

·   Mass Session:

Here, the tutoring package will depend on the number of classes you give. Many platforms state a particular number of classes compulsory to take.

·   Monthly Package:

This you can prefer when you are a newcomer. Try it for a month by choosing a few sessions a month.

All the above-mentioned tips are important to be discussed before choosing online tutoring. You need to be very careful when writing a course description. You can earn a lot from online teaching. The reason behind this is the rising demand for online courses.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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