Best YouTube Channels for College Students
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10 Best YouTube Channels for College Students

Learning in this digital age is no longer limited to books and classrooms. Do you know of any digital content hubs? Well, I am sure you all know about YouTube. In this segment, you will know about the 10 best YouTube channels for college students. 

Benefits to Study from YouTube Channels:

  • Information is easy to integrate.
  • It helps to create an eLearning community.
  • Promotes microlearning.
  • Develops note-taking skills.
  • Improves the comprehension of critical concepts.
  • Ability to reach masses. 
  • Easily accessible to everyone.

10 Best YouTube Channels for College Students:

1. Crash Course:

This YouTube channel teaches a wide range of subjects like world history, biology, literature, psychology, etc. However, the Crash Course channel was launched on May 19, 2006. Talking about the reach, currently, it has 10.2 million subscribers. And, 1.5 Billion views. 

Moreover, they use a blend of historical clips, expository explanations, and humor to engage the views. Additionally, they keep the viewers informed and entertained. 

2. Ted-Ed:

Subjects like mathematics, business, health studies, general knowledge, etc are covered by Ted-Ed. Moreover, the channel was launched on 1st March 2011. Also, they believe that it is easy for students to understand the concepts through visuals. 

Thus, Ted-Ed’s video consists of creative animations, interesting examples, humor, etc. Currently, it has 14 million subscribers and above 1.6 billion views. Also, they have published 1,825 videos to date. 

3. VSauce:

This channel has been created by Michael Stevens, in the summer of 2010. And, this channel uploads science-related lessons. Also, VSauce explains the theories by intriguing rhetorical questions like “Is it Okay to Touch Mars?”, “What if the Sun Disappeared?”, “Is Earth Actually Flat?”, etc. 

In addition to this, they follow a basic algorithm to explain the theories and experiments. Currently, it has 17 million subscribers and above 1.7 billion views. 

4. Khan Academy:

This channel is a nonprofit channel supported by YouTube fam. Also, to give the opportunity to give the best of online learning, they ask for charity. Whereas, there is no such particular amount for donation. And, anybody can contribute the amount they want. 

Nonetheless, this channel has 6.67 million subscribers and available on Facebook and Twitter. Importantly, they stream videos related to math, science, computer, etc. 

5. Edutopia:

Edutopia is a channel that creates videos to inform teachers and students about K-12 education. Moreover, if you are eager about project-based learning, integrating tech tools, social and emotional learning practices. All are available on this channel.

Furthermore, it was launched on 1st May 2007. Currently, it has 151 k subscribers and above 23 million views. Also, this channel is helpful for aspiring teachers. 

6. National Geographic:

Are you passionate about science, nature, the environment, and some adventure altogether? Then, National Geographic can literally make you imagine extraordinary adventures.

Furthermore, this channel has a day-to-day schedule for posting content. A few of them are history and culture for Sunday, environment for Monday, etc. This channel has above 17 million subscribers and over 3 billion views. 

7. Thomas Frank:

Thomas Frank posts 3-4 videos in a month and actually called College Info Geek. Above all, he publishes videos related to studying, habits, and tips to perform better in college classes. Also, this channel helps with key points that are taught in colleges.

Furthermore, he helps the students with amazing tips on motivation, strategies, and productivity. Also, he teaches to make use of available resources to upgrade the learning process. Currently, this channel has 2.24 million subscribers. 

8. Vice News:

With over 5k videos on YouTube, Vice News delivers trending topics from around the world. They cover topics like LGBTQ rights, war situations, international summits, a potential cure for blindness in Syrian refugees, etc. 

Currently, this channel has over 6.49 million subscribers on YouTube. Also, they help the students with daily news updates. Especially, this channel is helpful for students pursuing journalism and mass communication. 

9. The School of Life:

If you are finding answers to some extraordinary questions of your life, this channel is made for you. Especially, they talk about wisdom, emotional intelligence, and self-understanding. However, they try to influence people’s lives with various theories and information. 

Furthermore, they cover topics like philosophy, political theory, sociology, history, etc. Hence, this channel helps college students to expand their minds.

10. PragerU:

For college students, it is important to have peace of mind to tackle different situations in life. And, this channel is using online videos as a resource to promote knowledge. Also, to upgrade the clarity of people about various topics. 

Furthermore, what they do is gather the information from the world’s best thinkers and filter out the useful content for viewers. And, their video length is nearly 5-minutes in which they target topics related to history and economics. 

While being a college student you must be aware of different things going around the world. Also, you must take care of your mental health. Therefore, all these YouTube channels will work best for you. All of them are highly recommended best YouTube Channels for college students.

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