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Top Rated: 6 Best Medical Colleges in UK

Medicine is not just a subject to study and work. It is a profession that will change your lifestyle. Do you also want to pursue medicine from top colleges in the UK? To get a top-quality education and world-class facility, have a look at the following best medical colleges in UK.

What is a Medical Study?

It is a stream of health and healing. Medical Studies include all the healthcare professionals be it nurses, doctors, and various specialists. Apart from this, it also focuses on the prevention of disease, medical research, medical management, etc.

Below is the list of Best medical colleges in UK:

1. University of Oxford:

Oxford University has been ranked number one in terms of best medical colleges in UK. Here, above 40% of its student body consists of graduate students. The study of medicine at Oxford is not just limited to medical care. Moreover, it involves the keen management of an intricate system and network of organizations.

However, the mode of teaching is English in the university. Also, it is made up of a central university. It incorporates 38 college campuses and 6 permanent private halls. Additionally, the tuition fees are elevated for non-European students. However, Oxford University avails more than 900 scholarships for graduate students.

2. University of Manchester:

The University of Manchester offers more than 71 medicine and health courses. In addition, it avails various diploma and certification programs. However, the courses are designed to focus on world-leading research work.

However, talking about medicine, this university is famous for MSC in Advanced Audiology Studies. It is a one-year program that trains the students with skills needed in the field. Also, the students are aids from theoretical and practical knowledge.

The total first-year tuition fees are 27,900 euros. Apart from this, the university provides scholarships and accommodation to students. The course aims to critically evaluate healthcare practice, education, and research.

3. Imperial College, London:

This college has been ranked at 8th position by Best Global Universities. And, comes under the top 15 best medical colleges in UK. And, this is a public university and provides various courses in medicine. The university comprises four academic courses, engineering, medicine, business studies, and natural sciences.

Furthermore, Imperial college aims to maintain the integrity of research proposals. The students are assisted to advise the research management. And, the preferred mode of education is in English. A few of the courses offered by Imperial college are MSc in Allergy, Applied Genomics, Biomedical Engineering and Research, Cancer Biology, etc.

4. University of Greenwich:

This university was established in the year 1890. Thus, it got its first CGLI certificate in 1892. It avails various medicine courses from 1 to 3 years of duration. Apart from this, it’s a public university which provides accommodation to students.

However, Greenwich university does not provide any scholarships. Its top selected courses are Applied Biomedical Science, Biology Hons, etc. Also, each course provided by this university focuses on each student to prepare them for extreme situations.

5. University of Warwick:

Warwick Medicine college beliefs to work with passionate students. Their main goal is to transform the students to become professional doctors. So, they can bring a change in the world of healthcare and the biomedical world.

Moreover, it was established in 1967. Also, it welcomes students from all over the world. With time Warwick Medicine College has become the largest university with over 45,000 alumni. It offers master’s degree courses in Biomedical Engineering, Bioprocessing, Health Research, Medicine, etc.

Thus, to maintain the momentum of research excellence, they try to go beyond boundaries. However, the best part is the excellent performance in the Government’s Research Excellence Framework. Also, it holds the position for the top 10 best research colleges.

6. University of Bristol:

This University was established in 1876. It is sponsored by Wills and Fry families as a financial backbone. However, Bristol is the first university in the UK to accept female students. Also, it has the 8th highest admission qualification for undergraduate students.

Also, it has been ranked best among students in the other 6 departments. The top 4 medicine courses of Bristol University are Applied Neuropsychology, Biomedical Science Research, Clinical Oral Surgery, and Dental Implantology.

The duration of each course depends on the type of degree. The graduates of Bristol are highly sought after by recruiters worldwide. Also, it has been ranked 9th in the UK by QS Graduate Employability Rankings, 2020 for Student Placement.

All the above-mentioned colleges are the best medical colleges in UK. Each of them has aced and targeted a different aspect of the healthcare sector. Apart from this, all of them provide world-class educational and accommodation facilities to their students.

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