Best Colleges With No Tuition Fee
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World’s 6 Best Colleges With No Tuition Fee

Education is the key to any nation’s development. However, few courses and especially international courses can be very expensive. But, few countries are providing education and protecting the human rights of students at the same time. In this segment, you will know about the best colleges with no tuition fee. 

Based on details, we have listed the following college. These universities offer tuition-free education. And, are also ranked as the best colleges with no tuition fee by QS World University Rankings. Please note that the following information might change at any time. And, it depends on the university and authorities to start taking tuition fees. 

Best Colleges With No Tuition Fee:

1. The Technical University of Munich, Germany:

This university provides a wide range of courses like engineering, natural sciences, economics, medical sciences, etc. Above 20% of students come from abroad. Moreover, the university demands zero tuition fees from students. 

But, the students need to pay only a semester fee of 114.50 Euro. And, this is a part of their Student Union Fee. This is also considered a Semester Ticket Fee for the transportation network.

Whereas, talking about scholarships they offer it to students at all levels of study and eligibility. It is not specifically limited to students with excellent grades.

2. RWTH Aachen University, Germany:

In Germany, this is the largest university of technology. Also, it is amongst the most renowned universities in Europe. Additionally, it has 260 institutes in 9 faculties. Above 45,000 students in 144 different courses of study are enrolled every year. 

However, the no tuition fees policy is for both international and national students. Although, the students have to contribute to a student body and social contribution. The amount is 239.75 Euro. 

Besides, an estimate of the cost of living at this university is approximately 700 Euro per month. And, it will be 8,400 Euro per year. 

3. The University of Bergen, Norway

It is the urban university of Norway with the most college premises concentrated in two areas. One university named Arstadvollen is called “Health Campus”. And, another one named Nygardshoyden called “Mixture of Houses”. 

However, it is a public institution and does not charge any tuition fees. It is applied to international along with national students. Above all, this university is opted by students for graduation.

Moreover, the Bergen University does not offer any scholarships for international students. However, the cost of living at this place is nearly NOK 9785 per month (2014). And, this amount covers the monthly expenses like housing, food, clothing, books, etc. 

4. The University of Helsinki, Finland:

Helsinki University emphasizes high-level scientific research education. Additionally, the university supports the development of society along with business and industry. Also, this university provides an opportunity for students to participate in research programs. 

Whereas, this university does not demand any tuition till graduation. And, the students who are non-EU/EEA countries. Those who are having no permanent residence in that area, are liable to the fees after graduation. 

Conversely, there are above 50 scholarships to qualified degree students. And, they are further promoted to study in the Master’s Degree Programme. The three types of fee structure are Fully Funded Grant (Tuition fee+ 10,000 Euro), Full Tuition Fees Grant, and Study Grant (10,000 Euro). 

5. Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany:

This university believes that the basis of educating young students and scientists lies in granting them utmost freedom. This freedom pursuit for ideas, academic advisors, varied opportunities, etc. Also, they promote interdisciplinary networking with young students as well as seasoned scholars. 

Nonetheless, apart from a few graduate or postgraduate programs, this university does not charge any tuition fee. Along with it, the students are only charged for paying certain fees per semester. 

However, the scholarship programs are offered on both undergraduate and graduate scholarships. And, these are for all international students. 

6. University of Oslo, Norway:

Oslo university is considered the largest and oldest institution for higher education in Norway. Under Danish Rule in the year 1811, this university was established. Currently, this university has over 30,000 students and 4,600 employees.

Moreover, the Oslo University is a public-funded university. Therefore, they don’t demand any tuition fees from students. Although, students have to pay a small registration fee for each semester. The amount is 70 Euro. However, the paid fees benefit the students in the services of the Foundation for Student Life.

Importantly, this university does not offer any scholarship programs for bachelor’s degree students. However, scholarships are available for master’s degree students. Although, the cost of living at this place is approximately NOK 3000 for the summer. 

All the above-mentioned universities are top-picked by students for pursuing graduation and masters. However, they might change their policy at any moment. So this data depends on the time.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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