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10 Homework Planners and Academic Apps Which Help to Stay Organized

Are you tired of doing all the homework together? Do you want some homework planners and academic apps? Then, Check out this article. In this segment, you will learn about the 10 best academic apps for students. This will help you to stay organized.

10 Best Academic apps for students:

The following application list will include homework planners and academic apps. Having a homework planner app is very helpful for a student. You no longer have to hustle with your homework. You can still ace your academic tasks.

1. MyHomework Student Planner:

This is one of the best academic apps for students. It has been featured by magazines like USA Today, Times, and Yahoo News. It works on all android and iOS platforms. This application is free of cost for the basic version.

MyHomework Student Planner app is extremely user-friendly. It does not have tons of features and tools. Thus, the work is very easy to handle. It allows one to keep a record of your classes, homework, projects, exams, and assignments. You will get an overview of how to do a particular homework.

2. Wunderlist:

This is a professionally designed homework planner app. It can reserve all your tasks in the system memory. Whereas, you can access any of the past work within seconds. The business person also rated wunderlist as a very useful app. You can also seek help from many academic writers.

3. The Homework App:

This is also one of the best academic apps for students. The Homework App is also featured by Paste Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and Lifehacker. It helps to keep your work organized by giving you a variety of options. You can organize the assignment daily, monthly, or annually.

The Homework App enables you to add subtasks to arrange your homework with multiple steps. The best part about this app is you can keep a record of all your teacher’s contact. Just in case you want to contact a teacher for help, you easily do it.

Additionally, you also set reminders to do homework. With this, you won’t violate any deadline. Also, you get a feature to rotate your schedule. It provides you the flexibility to find out what is suitable for your routine.

4. My Study Life:

This app is full of homework management features. Also, it allows you to check your assignments from your phone and computer. My Study Life is available on all android and iOS platforms. In addition to this, the app has a special feature of the calendar view.

With the help of a calendar view, you will not miss any deadline. Besides this, you can ace in all your subjects. The unique feature of the app is the circle design. Where it shows the current progress in a task. It will remind you of the order of your work.

5. Egenda:

The most basic and simple homework planner app for students. Egenda app is well-designed, which makes it user-friendly. Here, you can add different homework together. Whereas, the app helps you to manage daily tasks. Additionally, you can set up daily reminders for the next task.

A special feature of the app allows you to add notes as well. You can create a group with your friends here to discuss assignments. Indeed, you can filter your homework. It can be based on deadline, class, relevance, and completion.

6. Chalkboard:

This application is free to use. It is available on all android and iOS platforms. The special feature of this application is that it reminds you to add your homework after the class ends. So that you don’t miss any homework.

Chalkboard automatically mutes your phone when you enter the classroom. Therefore, you won’t be disturbed in the class. You can set reminders for your homework at your preferred moment. Hence, you have all the time for yourself. And you can complete your assignments as well.

7. iStudiez Pro:

It is an all-in-one application where you can find every solution to academic issues. iStudiez Pro keeps a record of your homework and assignments. It manages your homework. You can sort your tasks by date, course, deadline, priority, etc.

Students can look for their assignments in the week pane. This application is easy to use. It releases lots of workload from you. You can check how much your assignments are due. They help you with suggestions on how much time each assignment will take.

8. Class Timetable:

This app is the most basic homework planner app. Thus, you can easily schedule a calendar display and multi-week support. This app is color-coded. Also, it supports a color-coded week view when turned to landscape mode. It is available on all android and iOS platforms.

9. Todait:

This application allows you to set a timer for a study session. It also applies to any assignment you are working on. Todait allows you to schedule particular tasks based on criteria. Some of which are several problems, range of pages, items to memorize, etc.

10. Scanner Pro:

This app has all features of organizing and calendar. Apart from this, it allows you to go paperless. Students receive a list of homework assignments, causing the usage of papers. It keeps your tasks organized. This application turns your iOS device into a scanner. It can be carried to any class.

All the above-mentioned applications are meant to make your life easy. This list of the 10 best academic applications is highly recommended and top-rated. Use it to stay organized in your studies.

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