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5 Great Part-Time Job For College Students

Do you need a job to pay your bills, but don’t want to work like a bull for hours? Are you a student looking for a part-time job? Many of you might know about several jobs. Here, I have come up with a list of 5 uncommon yet good-paid part-time job for college students.

Points to Learn:

  • Importance of Part-Time Job For College Students.
  • 5 Best Part-Time Job for College Students.
  • Required Skills To Get a Part-Time job.

Importance of Part-Time Job For College Students.

1. Opportunity to Earn More Money:

A college student who is focused on his studies can get a chance to earn money. That money can be used to manage expenses. It is a counter-intuitive task. Working part-time can allow one to make more money. If you know how to manage things well.

For Example, a student who can pair a 30 hour-per-week job with another 20 hour-per-week jobs can generate a good amount of income. Doing this will also improve your efficiency. All you need is a perfect routine to follow. You must have a proper distribution of your schedule.

2. Less Stress and Better Mental Health:

Various analyses have shown that students doing full-time jobs often feel completely drained. This is because of the rage of managing these things. Students don’t get enough time to exercise, have a proper diet, proper sleep, and spend personal time.

However, working part-time allows one to hit the gym, get better sleep, eat properly, and live a good life. It also allows systematic management of personal routines. Tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning dishes, laundry work, and family time are promoted.

Generally, part-time workers feel less financial stress. This is because they have a better and productive schedule. This type of behavior is oppugnant to lifestyle inflation. It means that one’s expenses increase with its income.

Opposite to this, part-time workers can adjust to a lower but good standard of living. Because they can manage their demands with available income.

3. Develop a professional network:

To survive in the workplace, the most basic and important thing you need is a professional network. A part-time job gives you a chance to build a network. You get to see and meet professional people.

Even if you are not gaining any work experience in a field you want to pursue. But you can still manage to make connections. These connections will give you an advantage later on.

You never know who knows who. You should communicate with everyone in a good manner. This will make your impression well on them. And they will open the door for further discussions.

4. Time Management:

Rather than wasting your free time on social media. It is better to invest that time in something productive. Going for studies, working part-time, having good food and exercise, talking to friends makes up a busy schedule.

And managing all of these on your own improves your time management skills. Certainly, you will become more organized and systematic with your time. This can contribute to the per capita income as well human happiness index of the country.

If you are getting some burden from college studies. You can ask your manager to reduce some workload. That’s the most amazing benefit of a part-time job. These tend to be quite flexible.

5. Confidence and interpersonal skills:

Just socializing with people regularly can boost your confidence to another level.

Even if you are shy and introverted, a part-time job can help you. It can bring you out of your comfort zone and boost your confidence.

Generally, most students’ jobs are found in hospitality and retail. Therefore, you get to interact with people regularly. As a result, you gain one of the most important quality confidence.

A part-time job for college students allows you to gain various interpersonal skills. This work compels you to be comfortable in different situations. You become more sensitive towards cultural differences. It forces you to think critically about people.

5 Best Part-Time Job for College Students:

1. Library Assistant:

The library assistant’s job is to do clerical duties in libraries. They help the clients to select material. It refer to requests for more detailed research to librarians. They also check in and out books at the distribution desk. They collect payment for fines.

When clients return the book they contact the library assistant. They are supervised by librarians. That position requires more training and education than a library assistant. They require a master’s degree in library science (MLS).

But a library assistant can easily get the job without extra qualification. This is one of the highest-paid part-time jobs for college students. Following are some duties and responsibilities of a library assistant:

1.   Assist clients in locating books.

2.   Charge and renew library documents.

3.   Maintain library records.

4.   Greet and assist customers.

5.   Check-in and out of materials

According to a study, every two out of three library assistants worked part-time in the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the Median Annual Salary of a library assistant is $12.41/hour. The top 10% annual salary is $20.12/hour. And, the bottom 10% annual salary is $8.96/hour.

2. Crypto Trader:

There has been a sudden rise in cryptocurrency jobs. It gives new career opportunities from data scientist and Ethereum developer jobs. It also promotes entry-level blockchain jobs. That involves coding and fintech businesses.

It is a fast-moving sector, with many part-time roles open for professionals. People who understand or have experience can perform this role. This job requires blockchain understanding.

Blockchain is the hardest skill listed by LinkedIn for 2020. They demand a skilled labor class and one of the highly paid part-time jobs. The salary is normally 10-20% higher than other similar jobs in this sector.

Following are some skills required to get a part-time job as a crypto trader:

1.   Data Scientist: You need coding experience. Also, detailed knowledge about blockchain technology.

2.   Blockchain Engineer: It requires a CS or software engineer background. As you will be asked to design a blockchain system.

3.   Financial Analyst: You will require a relevant bachelor’s degree and a license to do this job.

4.   Web Developer: Must know computer languages such as Python, Netbeans, and solidity.

3. Virtual Assistant:

If you don’t prefer office work, you can get a remote job. A job that pays well, then consider a profile of virtual assistant. They are hired to do administrative work. This job has a lot of flexibility.

Some of the required skills are conversational English, knowledge of MS office, schedule and managing meetings, etc. You need to have excellent writing and verbal communication skills. You also need to have critical thinking, problem-solving, and customer service skills.

Virtual assistants need to have an extensive vocabulary, diction, and somewhat pleasant speaking voice. They are asked to call the customers for scheduling purposes of the delivery package.

They are also asked to chat with customers. Therefore, you must have an excellent grasp of grammar, spelling, and writing style. It does not require any specific degrees. It requires several skills.

4. Sales Associate:

They should have several skills regarding their position to be successful employees. Mention all your hard and soft skills in your resume. In this job, you will need a multi-tasking ability. Organizational skills are required for being able to recognize customer’s preferences.

You must keep track of inventory and document paperwork. Next, communication is a key role for a sales associate. For being an effective communicator, you need to have command over both verbal and written communication.

Problem-solving skills are important while interacting with customers. When you are asked to communicate with customers. You need to give quick solutions to their problems. To be a sales associate, you need to know everything about the product you are presenting.

You need to be aware of the pros and cons of the product. Only then you can explain it to the customers. It is the most preferred job profile by college students. Because it is easy to do and has less stress.

5. Online/Offline Tutor:

It is rightly said that “one must learn in a way that they can teach others”. If you want to gain relevant experience with good pay. You must opt for a tutoring position. It is the best way to recall your elementary education.

You will need to teach younger kids or secondary section students. And you can charge according to the hours you spend. You can provide group as well as individual classes. This work can also be done remotely via online meetings.

Tutors are normally very well-versed in the subject they are teaching. They can effectively convey that knowledge and earn a good amount of money. You will need good written and verbal communication skills. You must know how to explain things with relevant examples.

Required Skills To Get a Part-Time job.

1. Customer Service and Communication Skills:

Customer service is the most common yet complicated skill. You will need to have a keen eye for your words. Good customer service is friendly and polite. Although communication is the key to any job profile. It is in demand everywhere.

2. Working Under Pressure:

To work in the corporate world you need to keep yourself calm and composed all the time. You will always be under pressure. But you need to focus on the work. This skill is very important for your career.

3. Commercial awareness:

You need to be aware of your surrounding commercial status. It means which product or service is currently trending. How many products are a best-seller and created a good impact.

Being a student, if you get a chance to improve your interpersonal skills, you better grab it. Part-time jobs for college students are a great opportunity to learn and earn together. It will also upgrade your CV and add relevant skills to your personality.

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