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10 tricks to appear smart in an interview

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew exactly what questions your recruiter would be asking? Don’t you think you can ace an interview if you already know what to say and what not? Unfortunately, that is not possible. But you can prepare yourself to ace an interview. And I am here with 10 tricks to appear smart in an interview and top interview questions and answers.

10 tricks to appear smart in interviews:

1. Talk about your shuttle:

You should talk about your day-to-day life experiences. It is a great way to appear smart. Share some tricks or shortcuts which you have applied before. Try to create a healthy bond with your interviewer. You need to impress them with your personality and decision-making skills.

2. Nod continuously when the interviewer is explaining:

When your interviewer is explaining something, always nod your head in agreement. Try to grasp every single word you listen to. The interviewer might crosscheck what he/she has explained?

3. Augment your pace:

While walking from the lobby to the interview room, walk a little wider. Focus on your posture. Your pace of walking will leave a strong impression of you on the interviewer. It will show how desperately you want to get selected.

4. Ask your interviewer to rephrase the question:

When a question is asked, start your response by creating a good environment around your interviewer. Ask your interviewer to rephrase the question for you. The moment your mind makes up a good answer, start narrating it. Try to share a personal reminiscence about teamwork.

5. Accept the glass of water:

When offered a glass of water by the interviewer, always accept it. This shows your friendly nature to the interviewer. He might think that you are comfortable enough in the environment.

6. Always bring your updated resume:

The resume is the first thing that describes you to the interviewer. Even if you have submitted the resume online. Always bring a printed resume with you, while going for an interview. Make sure that your resume is complete and updated.

7. Ask practical questions:

At last when your interviewer asks if you have any queries or last questions. Don’t feel shy to ask some practical questions. If you ask them questions, they might believe that you are very much dedicated to this job. Asking practical questions will make them feel that you are already a part of the team.

8. Wing it:

The biggest mistake that interviewees do is they do a lot of research. After that, they narrate it in the interview. This makes the recruiter feel that you have already made some assumptions about the company.

So, choose your words wisely while answering these questions. The more insights you speak might make you appear invaluable.

9. Bring on the visual learner inside you:

Being able to think visually is the best skill you can have. This can be one of the things which the interviewer will like the most. Make them believe that you are an unconventional thinker. And you know how to pad the response time.

10. Underplay your past while talking about the future:

Assure your interviewer that you will work with all your honesty. Talk about how you can be an asset to the company. You can cover up your lack of success in the past by talking about your future impact. Explain the hypothetical impact you could make if recruited. You can explain it with the help of real-life situations.

Give an overview to your recruiter about what exceptional thing would you achieve if given proper resources. Be very precise about the things which stopped you from making a difference in your career. It could only be a lack of support, funding, shared values, communication, and time.

Some of the top interview questions:

Here is the list of some smart interview questions and answers. You will understand how to answer smartly in interviews?

1. Tell me about yourself:

The most basic and commonly asked question in an interview. It is generally the first question. It is marked as top interview questions by Muse writer and MIT career counselor.

This question is simple but many people fail to prepare for it. You don’t have to give your employment details. The recruiters already knew about this by reading your resume.

Rather than this throw a statement that is precise and appealing enough to show your interest in the job profile. It is recommended to use present, past, and future formulas.

2. Why do you want this job?

Well, here comes the tricky part. This question is not the same as why you want to work with our company. Don’t get confused. In this answer, you need to show your passion for the work.

Identify some key factors that make you fit for a particular job. Example: “I like to interact with more people.” or “I have a good convincing power and can influence anyone.”

3. What are your strengths?

Here’s the point where you should start talking about yourself. While answering this question focus on quality and not the number of skills. Don’t just narrate your skills one after another.

Try to convince them why this skill can be beneficial for the firm. Illustrate with an example. You must choose your words wisely over here.

4. Greatest professional achievement:

Now, here is the trick you must follow. Don’t just simply throw your achievement list at the interviewer. You don’t have to name them. Rather, try to elaborate on how you worked to grab that?

The key method to answer this is the STAR method: situation, task, action, results. Try to fit your answer in these words.

5. What are your management skills?

When working in the corporate world you must know how to manage things. Even if you are a normal employ, you must have some management skills.’

Good managers are stiff but flexible, and that is what you have to reflect in your answer. Answer this question by sharing some of your real-life experiences.

Don’t waste your time being nervous before your interview. Instead, prepare yourself to show the best of yourself. Take an idea from top interview questions and how to answer smartly in interviews. Follow tricks to throw a good impression.

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