10 Tips to Increase Concentration
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10 Tips to Increase Concentration To Improve Your Academic Performance

Whether you are a student or employee, you might have wished to increase your concentration power. Often, you must have found it difficult to do a task at work, study for an exam, or work on a project. So, all you need is the ability to concentrate.  In this segment, you will learn 10 tips to increase concentration.

What is Concentration?

It refers to the mental effort you emphasize towards any work you are doing. It can be learning, reading, writing, etc. And, sometimes you lose your focus. The focus refers to the length of time you can concentrate on a particular thing. Below are the 10 tips to increase concentration.

10 Tips to Increase Concentration are as Follows:

1. Upskill Your Brain:

The method to upskill or train your brain is to play certain games. Whereas these games help you to uplift your concentration. And, few of them are sudoku, crossword puzzles, chess, memory games, jigsaw puzzles, etc. 

Experts also suggest giving at least 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, on brain training ventures. Additionally, these games help to develop your working ability and short-term memory. Apart from this, it helps to develop problem-solving skills. 

2. Don’t Pressurize Yourself:

Well, this is the easiest tip to say but not easy to implement. However, the more you stress, the less you will be able to concentrate. Also, when you lose your concentration, you lose the ability to retain information. In addition to this, research shows that stress can attack your problem-solving ability. Also, it can compel you to make bad decisions. 

3. Better Your Sleep:

Well, it is a very much known fact that experts recommend 7-8 hours of sleep each night for adults. However, improving your sleeping pattern can benefit you a lot. Following are some tips that can improve your sleep: 

  • Turn off all electronic gadgets one hour before bed.
  • Exercise regularly, but not before you sleep. 
  • Calm yourself down with soft music, a bath, or a book. 

4. Take Small Breaks:

Experts suggest taking a break after every 30 minutes to increase the concentration power. Whereas, the break should not be of more than 3 minutes. Therefore, in this time you can do anything to calm yourself down. A few of them can be walking, listening to music, a small chat with your mates. And, do not waste this time scrolling social media. 

5. Exercise Regularly:

Staying fit and having a nutritional diet can affect your concentration power positively. Also, those people who do regular exercise have felt that an upgrade in their concentration. A study done in the year 2018 at 116th fifth-grades got evidence that suggests daily physical activity can improve concentration. 

6. Be a Monotasker:

There is a misconception amongst people that efficient people are multi-tasker. But, this is a pure myth. Whereas, research shows that multitasking hampers your productivity. When you shift to another task without finishing the first one. You tend to lose your concentration. And, you won’t be able to complete any one of them. So, make a rule to follow monotasking.

7. Live the Nature:

Nature is a thing that has a solution for every problem. Nothing can be a better booster or healer than nature. All you need to do is spend some time in the fresh air, with trees and plants every day. And, this will relax your mind and help you to focus more on anything. This simple exercise can prove to be your safeguard. 

8. Choose Your Workplace Carefully:

To get a better concentration, the place you work matters a lot. Whether you are working from home or studying for an exam at home. It is very easy to just study lying down on your bed. But, this not only hampers your posture but your concentration power too. Naturally, your brain associates the bed with a sleeping place. And, you cannot get full concentration over there. 

9. Try Meditation:

Meditation is a gateway to improved concentration, problem-solving skills, and efficiency. So, if you can’t do physical exercise regularly. Then, meditation a try. There are several numbers of YouTube channels that can help with meditation. And at the same time, it will reduce your stress also. 

10. Vary Your Diet:

A balanced diet is a must to function your organs well. Also, it affects cognitive functions like concentration and critical thinking ability. And, to do this include some food items in your diet. A few of them are protein-rich food, eggs, blueberries, spinach, other green vegetables, etc. Along with this, stay hydrated by having lukewarm water all the time. Avoid carbonated drinks. 

All the above-mentioned tips are highly recommended by experts. And, a must follow 10 tips to increase concentration. Also, these are very much easy to implement. And, can cause wonders in your life.

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