10 Brain Hacks to Learn Anything
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Researched Tips: 10 Brain Hacks to Learn Anything

To meet the level of rising competition, you need to learn new things faster. A Pew Research Center study says that they have included a broad professional network, new jobs, and different career paths. For this, the candidates need to quick learners. So, to help you with this we have come up with 10 brain hacks to learn anything. 

10 Brain Hacks To Learn Anything are as Follows:

1. Be a Teacher:

It is said that your effective learning can be validated only if you can teach someone. Well, this is a task where you have to explain what you have understood to someone else. And, this is an exercise through which you can detect your flaws or scope of improvement. Additionally, this exercise will give quick results and you will be able to speed up your learning process. 

2. Learn in Short Interval of Time: 

Researchers from Louisiana State University’s Center for Academic Success suggest reading 30-50 minutes in one go. Nonetheless, this speeds up the learning process and memory power. It is said that “Anything less than 30 minutes is not enough and more than 50 minutes is too much”. More than 50 minutes can cause information overflow. So, you must learn or read by taking regular breaks.

3. Put Down Notes by Hand:

Even if it is faster and easier to take notes on a laptop, you must pen it down with your hands. Furthermore, using a pen and paper will help you learn and apprehend better. Moreover, the experts at Princeton University and UCLA suggest taking notes by hand. And, the reason behind this is the active participation is found more in this. Whereas, taking notes on a laptop, cannot transcribe the information well. 

4. Reward Yourself a Study Nap:

Relaxation in-between the learning process is important to retain the information you have grasped. However, a small nap in between the study session can upgrade your recalling power up to six months later. And, this is proven research published in Psychological Science. And, the experiment says that people who took a short nap while reading can apprehend better. 

5. Utilize the Potential of Mental Spacing: 

Well, this may sound implausible, but you might learn faster when you employ distributed learning, or ‘spacing’. However, this fact was said in an interview with The New York Times, Benedict Carey. Also, the author of “How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why it Happens”. He addresses learning with watering a lawn. Also, at the same time, he said, “Spacing out the watering during the week will keep the lawn greener over time”. 

6. Change Your Schedule:

This is one of the most important points amongst the 10 brain hacks to learn anything. For example, when you are learning to ride a car, changing the way you practice can help ace it faster. Therefore, trying a modified form of learning can help you learn things quickly. Also, these experiments can help you to understand the root cause of an issue. 

7. Avoid Multitasking, Adapt Mono Tasking:

It is very common when people boast about their multitasking ability. But, it is a scientifically proven fact that your mind can concentrate on a single thing at a time. Have you ever tried walking while reading a book? To be very honest, you won’t be able to understand a single word, reading like this. And, your reading ability would be stunted. Once Britain’s strongest man Scott Reid said, “Multitasking is an Illusion”. So, if you want to be a fast learner, adapt monotasking. 

8. Apply Pareto Principle:

Pareto Principle can also be recognized as the ‘80/20’ principle. And, it says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Moreover, it is applied in various aspects of your life. First and foremost, in school the things you will learn, only 20% will be practical in life. Another one is in Business, 80% of your profits probably come from 20% of your customers. 

9. 3 Days to Fast Learning:

The 3-steps are Focus Days, Buffer Days, and Free Days. Firstly, on focus days you will be doing things with high-intensity work that utilizes a unique ability of yours. Secondly, the buffer days, which will consist of minor tasks. Thirdly, free days, which will have no work at all. 

10. Kick Out the Mental Junk;

The best way to kick out the mental junk is to meditate. Also, the continuous learning process, family drama, studies, work pressure can create junk in your brain. And, to be a fast learner, you must get rid of that junk. Nonetheless, meditation will reduce stress, anxiety, self-doubt, fear, etc.

The above 10 brain hacks to learn anything are easy to follow and manage. And, becoming a fast learner is extremely important these days to compete.

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