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Most Underrated: 10 Best Apps For College Students

Studying in a different country is not just about attending classes. Apart from this, you change your routine, organize your work and keep in touch with your family. In this segment, we will introduce you to the 10 best apps for college students. Just click on the title of the mentioned app and get the download link.

Here are the 10 best apps for college students studying in foreign universities

1. Chored

It is quite obvious that before university you all have stayed with your family. Now, staying in a completely different country with unknown people is not easy. Your chores management with housemates might be confusing. Chored application clears out all kinds of confusion and hassle regarding bills.

  • Key features:
  1. Easily available and free to download on any android and ios platforms.
  2. Gives you regular reminders for paying bills.
  3. Efficiently divides the amount among your housemates.

2. Sleep if you can

Getting up early in the morning seems the hardest thing for a student. When the alarm rings you will have to complete a task to turn it off. This might give a clack start to your day. This app proves to be the best app for college students.

  • Key features: 
  1. Used by professionals.
  2. Smart alarming system.
  3. Gives an amazing task to kick your day.
  4. User-friendly application.
  5. It suggests your sink. 

3.  Trello

Are you sinking under Assignments, classwork, and project deadlines? Then, the Trello app is here to ease your work. This handy application helps you to optimize the details of all the tasks you have to do. You can share it with your classmates if working on a group assignment.

  • Key features:
  1. Helps to organize your tasks.
  2. Makes planning and goal-setting easier.
  3. Helps in collaborating with your classmates without extra hassle. 
  4. Can be shared with professors for doubt-clearing tips. 

4. Mealboard

Missing your mother’s recipes? Want to manage your diet plan? Not able to get the proper food of your choice? Mealboard is here to help you. This all-in-one application will take care of your dawn to dust diet. It will suggest healthy recipes according to your appetite.

  • Key features:
  1. Suggest healthy recipes.
  2. Keeps the track of your health.
  3. Helps in improving diet.
  4. Provides meal planning.
  5. Suggest grocery shopping into one handy resource. 

5.  RefMe

Referencing your sources while writing an essay is an unavoidable part of student life. You need to keep the track of a healthy page or sources in your bibliography. It is mostly an annoying and lengthy process. Guess what, RefMe makes this work easy and simple. 

All you need is to photograph the barcode of your study materials and books, the app will store it for you. This makes the referencing easy to manage. RefMe app will collate all the important data for you.  

  • Key features:
  1. Keeps a record of your references.
  2. Minimize the risk of confusion.
  3. Keeps the records organized.
  4. App working is simple to understand.
  5. It saves your time by directly providing the collected data.
  6. The Barcode scanner feature saves your time.

6. Free Wi-Fi finder for apple and android

Can you imagine a day without the internet? Have you ever thought of the world without the internet? For a student who is staying away from his/her family, the one essential thing is communication. And communication is incomplete without the internet. 

Whether you are chatting, listening to music, referencing your study materials, you will need access to the internet. Some of you might think about free data roaming or a local sim with a data plan. These are some temporary solutions to your problem. Having a good Wi-fi connection is essential for a college student. 

The Free Wi-Fi Finder app locates the nearby places which offer free access to the internet. In this app, you can save your favorite location, which can remind you of that spot next time. You get a wide variety of filters in this app according to your location.

  • Key features:
  1. Detects nearby free Wi-fi providers.
  2. Offers various location features like cafes, hotels, malls, etc.
  3. Provides location saver feature.

  7. Circle of six

Staying in a place away from family, Circle of Six allows students to keep safe and connected to their friends. It allows you to add the 6 most trusted people around you. You can locate them, check how far away they are, and Vice versa. This makes your life a bit easier and worries less.

  • Key features:
  1. Helps in locating you and your friends.
  2. Keeps you updated on their live locations
  3. Keeps you connected so that they can reach you in case of any mishappenings.

8. City Maps 2Go for apple and android

What’s better than getting a free guide at an unknown place. City Maps 2Go is a complete travel guide and offline map for your traveling guidance. This handy app works best for those whose institutions are in major cities. You can easily checkout and navigate the place you want to travel to.

This app contains detailed maps including all the information you need to have. It has a feature where previously traveled people leave their reviews and guidance for your help. You won’t need an internet connection to access this.

  • Key features:
  1. Available offline.
  2. Easy to locate and navigate.
  3. Shows majorly traveled places around you.
  4. Reviews and guidance give information about the place. 

9. Moovit

College students are likely to spend a lot of time on public transport. Well, the concept behind Moovit is to prevent waiting unnecessarily around trains and busses. It provides a special tracking feature on your mobile phones. It also finds you the quickest route possible to reach your destination. 

  • Key features:
  1. Saves time by providing fewer- traffic routes.
  2. Shares the accurate timings of public transport.
  3. Gives you a regular alert about the route.

10. Duolingo

Students studying in a different country often face language problems. Luckily Duolingo is there to help you. It teaches the language in a unique way like users play games and race against the clock to learn new languages. This app is free of cost. Although, it will certainly improve your language skills. 

  • Key features:
  1. Teaches language through playing games.
  2. Helps you feel comfortable in a new place.
  3. This app is free of cost.

For your ease of living and studying, we have recommended these best apps for college students. These are user-friendly, time-saving, and of course easy to manage. So just free up some space on your smartphone and install these apps today.

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