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Student Savior: 10 Best Academic Sources For Research

“Which site has the authentic information? This or That”. Do you also get confused while choosing the correct site to resolve your academic issues? Don’t worry I have come up with the 10 best academic sources for research.

Why is it Important To Use Search Engines?

There are hundreds of search engines available on the internet to answer a particular topic. In addition, you don’t have much time to go through all of them. And figure out what’s authentic and what’s not.

Take a look at below mentioned 10 best academic sources for research. Hence, these search engines will help you get the academic research material quickly and conveniently.

1. Academic Info:

This search engine contains a comprehensive collection of useful sites. When you browse through this site you get a list of relevant academic websites for research. It also offers online courses, degrees, and distance learning information. That too selected from the segregation of online accredited schools.

The links are arranged alphabetically for your ease. All you need to do is select the particular link according to your subject. Also, check back later for updated subject guides.

2. Microsoft Academic:

Controlled by the organization that brings you, MS Office. Microsoft Academic is a dependable and extensive research tool. The search engine extracts material from over 120 million publications. However, scientific papers, journals, and conferences.

All you have to do is search directly by topic and get the relevant results. Along with that, you get an opportunity to filter out the content of your choice. It can also detect the keyword you type. It helps in getting relevant content easily. For example, if you type “Wipro”, the site knows that it’s a company.

3. iSeek Education:

It is one of the widely used search engines for academic research. This site is uniquely designed for students, scholars, and mentors. It shows the top-rated and most relevant content. It saves your time and allows you to finish the work before the deadline.

iSeek has specialization in sturdy data centers, enterprise cloud, organized connectivity solutions, and multi-provider internet services. It extends their network throughout Australia iSeek’s presence.

4. WorldWide Science:

This term refers to “The Global Science Gateway”. It is managed by the Head Office of Scientific and Technical Information. It’s a department of Science inside the U.S Department of Energy.

WorldWide Science avails databases from over 70 countries. All you need to do is type a query regarding Science. And it attains databases across the globe. The most relevant answers display on your screen. The data comes in English and other related journals.

5. Virtual LRC:

The term means The Virtual Learning Resources Center that enables you to get high-quality information. This educational site contains thousands of academic research websites.

Moreover, with help of a custom Google search, you get more rarefied results. It will help you to complete your work within time. It is managed by top-picked mentors and library professionals around the world.

6. Wolfram Alpha:

As the term suggests it’s a “Computational Knowledge Engine”. It does not provide more search results. Instead, it provides direct and searched answers. All you need to do is type a topic or question of your choice.

It will show up the actual answer which is relevant for you. It is more helpful for students who need help in mathematics. Here you get a feature to upload your questions. This makes the website handier. You can just click a picture of your question and upload it to the site.

7. Refseek:

The ultimate companion for academic research. It is a simpler search engine than Google. Specially designed for academic research. It comes under top-picked best academic sources for research. The website does not profess to offer more results than Google.

Rather, it cut out the results not related to science, research, and academia. You get the desired results without getting disturbed by sponsored links. It is a hub of over one billion web pages, journals, encyclopedias, and documents.

8. ResearchGate:

With a surge of over 135 million publication pages. That provides you with a variety of information for your academic research. It stays up to date with professional world happenings.

It provides results in three steps. First, Enter the topic you want to know about in the “Discover Research” panel. Second, Connect with your scientific community. Third, Measure the impact to get details about your topic.

9. Educational Resources Information Center:

Developed by the U.S Department of Education, this site is a great gimmick for academic research. It has a database of 1.3 million bibliographic diaries of education-related compositions.

The compositions include research syntheses, books, articles, technical reports, journals, and more. This search engine is a great web source for education. With above 8 million searches every month.

10. Infotopia:

Infotopia evokes itself as a “Google-alternative safe search engine”. This academic website extracts results that are hand-selected by mentors, librarians, and other educational faculties.

It has a quirky search feature through which users can select a category. The category ranges from art to health to science and technology. You can also find out the list of external and internal links regarding the topic.

If you know how to optimize your search with the above sites, it can make your academic life much easier. Save your time by looking for perfect sources on the Google search engine. Rather, make use of your time to find filtered and relevant content.

Having any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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